KidSmart OS™

Troomi’s KidSmart OS™ combines safety and flexibility unlike any other platform.

Bark does not have KidSmart OS™.

Real-time GPS location tracking

Your child’s real-time, up-to-date location is always available on first view in the Troomi Parental Portal.

From your own device, submit a location update request for your child to respond to from their phone.

Allows parents to add functionality and apps

Troomi is the safe and flexible phone that grows with your child, with apps available for school, church and healthy hobbies.

Bark enables parents to add functionality and apps—including dangerous social media apps.

Social media apps

Because of social media’s harmful effect on children’s mental health—including exposure to porn, predators, bullies and FOMO—Troomi does not allow social media apps.

Bark allows for harmful social media apps, like TikTok, SnapChat and Instagram.

Child can remove unwanted texts

Texts can be deleted on the phone, but they are ALWAYS available in the Troomi Parent Portal. 

Bark does not allow children to delete any texts—even those containing hurtful or inappropriate content.

Web browsers allowed

Parents can choose between no browser or the KidSmart™ Safe Browser, which enables parents to pre-determine allowed domains.

Bark allows for Google Chrome and alerts parents after children have been exposed to harmful content.

Tamper-proof parental controls

Children cannot adjust settings.

Children cannot adjust settings.

Allows access to app store

Troomi has a library of curated apps that can be selected by parents from within the Troomi Parent Portal. There is no app store on the phone.

Parents can allow access to the app store at any time and control which apps can be installed.

Cost-effective monthly plans

Monthly plans starting at $19.95.

Monthly plans starting at $49.99.

Multiple phones to choose from

Troomi offers the Samsung A13 LTE with a 50MP camera, the blazing fast Samsung A13 5G, and the rugged Samsung Xcover Pro.

Bark offers one phone.

No contract required

No contract required

No contract required

Cell service included

Unlimited talk and text—including to Canada and Mexico—as well as texting to 190 countries.

Unlimited talk and text.