Troomi’s Screen-Free Gift Guide Kids of All Ages Will Love

screen free gifts

Are you struggling to find screen-free gifts for your kids? We’re here to help! From hands-on projects to brain-teasing puzzles, our guide covers a wide range of interests and skills. Whether it’s tinkering with remote-controlled toys, trying your hand at gardening, or creating music with instruments, we’ve got something for everyone. Join us in celebrating learning, creativity, and laughter with gifts that promise to make every screen-free moment enjoyable, no matter your age.

Kiwi Crates

Encourage curiosity and hands-on learning for all ages with subscription-based projects that cover a wide range of interests and skills.

Remote-Controlled Toys

Enjoy the excitement of remote-controlled cars, drones, or robots that enhance problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination.

Gardening Kits

Nurture a love for plants and nature with gardening kits that come complete with child-sized tools.

Puzzle Sets

Challenge the whole family with complex jigsaw puzzles and brain-teasers that promote problem-solving and critical thinking.

Musical Instruments

Foster a love for music by introducing musical instruments like a keyboard, drum set, or mini guitar to budding musicians.

Art Supplies

Encourage creativity and self-expression with high-quality art supplies like colored pencils, watercolors, and sketchbooks.

Outdoor Playsets

Transform your backyard into a playground with swing sets, trampolines, or climbing structures for hours of physical activity.

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Gather the family around for uproarious laughter and friendly competition with this hilariously fun card game that’s suitable for all ages, making family game nights memorable occasions.


As we conclude Troomi’s Screen-Free Gift Guide, our aim is to inspire a shift toward meaningful, off-screen moments for kids of all ages. Embrace the joy of hands-on projects, the challenge of brain-teasing puzzles, and the creativity sparked by engaging activities. Let’s prioritize experiences that foster learning, creativity, and shared laughter, ensuring that every screen-free moment becomes a cherished memory. Here’s to celebrating the simple joys that make childhood truly special.

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