Troomi’s Screen-Free Gift Guide for Younger Kids

screen free gifts

Ignite your child’s joy and imagination with our curated selection of play-time essentials. We’ve assembled a collection that fosters creativity – screen-free gifts only. Encourage hands-on building and exploration, create bedtime magic under a rotating starlight, and turn your backyard into a joyous wonderland with active play options. Each item is thoughtfully chosen to inspire a lifelong love for play in your little ones.

Yoto Players

Immerse your little ones in a world of interactive audio stories and learning adventures that engage their senses and curiosity. 


 Encourage a love for storytelling and music with Tonies, collectible figurines that introduce children to a captivating realm of tales and tunes.

Play Kitchen

Inspire endless creativity in your budding chefs with a toy kitchen where they can whip up imaginative culinary delights.

Water Table

Fuel their fascination with the great outdoors with a water table that invites them to explore, experiment, and play.

Train Set

 Watch their eyes light up as they embark on thrilling journeys of the mind with a classic train set, fostering a lifelong love for locomotives.

Construction Trucks

 Encourage hands-on building and imaginative play with construction truck kits that teach the joy of creating.

 Rotating Star Light

 Make bedtime a magical experience under the soothing glow of a starry night light that rotates to inspire sweet dreams.

Inflatable Bouncy House

Turn your backyard into a wonderland of laughter and joy with an inflatable bouncy house that promises hours of active fun.


In creating this gift guide, our intention was to take back playtime and offer the gift of Christmas without screens. We believe that the magic of the holiday season lies in shared moments, laughter, and meaningful connections. Whether it’s fostering imagination in younger kids, igniting curiosity in older ones, or uniting the entire family in laughter and fun, these gift ideas are designed to empower playtime, encourage exploration, and create unforgettable memories. This Christmas, let’s celebrate the joy of learning, creativity, and togetherness, ensuring that every moment is truly special. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy Gifting!
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