Kids Smart Watch

Connect, Chat, Track, Anytime, Anywhere

The kid-friendly smart watch with built-in chat, calling, and GPS—explore life beyond screens.


Call & send messages to approved contacts

With its innovative calling function, children can easily reach out to their pre-approved contacts. Use voice messages, emojis and chat to efficiently communicate with each other, and make every day life for your family so much easier and safer!


No Access to Internet

Troomi’s smart watch prioritizes safety and control, ensuring a secure experience by not providing access to the internet.


No Unwanted Calls

Parents maintain control over smart watch contacts through the comprehensive management features of the Xplora app.


No Social Media

Troomi’s smart watch shields kids from exposure to social media, fostering a safe and age-appropriate digital experience.

Customer Reviews


Gives me peace of mind

“After spending a few weeks researching for alternatives for a phone for my third-grader, I decided to go with this option as it was on the lower end of the price spectrum and didn’t have full internet access. Overall the experience has went really well. I am happy that I can keep track of him, as we do have a big property so he tends to wander off. So it is nice to know that I can know where he is at all times. The call function is great as well, and even though we live in the country, we have yet to lose signal. I’m really satisfied. :)” 

—Ricky R.


Easiest way to Stay Connected!

“I needed something for my daughter as we are constantly on the go. She is a little too young for a phone but our watch is perfect. She loves to call her dad and grandma and I love I can track her as a mom. It’s super easy to use and the perfect size.”

—Brianna W.


Great for great adventures!

“Went to Six Flag at night for fright fest and didn’t have to worry as much as I would if our daughter didn’t have xplora’s GPS watch. I was able to track, contact and feel completely safe. Parents are always asking about the GPS watch and it’s been a great opportunity to teach more about safety. The watch has a cool feature that allows the kids to take pictures with their friends and call/text. Great for little explorers!”

—Sadé E.

Safety Features

GPS Tracking

Safe Zones

Approved Contacts

School Mode

Vetted Apps

Emergency Contact

SOS Button

Voice Messaging

Keep track of your kids with GPS & safe zones

With the advanced GPS function, parents can effortlessly track their child’s real-time location, ensuring their well-being and granting peace of mind. Easily set up safety zones where your child can roam free and experience the small wonders of the world!

Kids walk 2.5x more with our Activity Platform

With our award-winning activity platform kids are encouraged, motivated and rewarded just by being an active child! For every one thousand steps they take, they will earn an Xplora coin that can be used on fun and educational age-appropriate content!

Kids walk 2.5x more with our Activity Platform

With our award-winning activity platform kids are encouraged, motivated and rewarded just by being an active child! For every one thousand step they take, they will earn an Xplora coin that can be used on fun and educational age-appropriate content!

Safety is only the beginning...

Explore more with monthly adventures!

Join our imaginative activity adventures. Have fun keeping up your daily steps, earn extra Xplora coins and win fantastic prizes!

Arcade Games

Arcade is a designated area within Xplora Marketplace where children can use their Xplora Coins to enjoy access to over 100 games.

Arcade Games

Arcade is a designated area within Xplora Marketplace where children can use their Xplora Coins to enjoy access to over 100 games.


A space inside the Marketplace where kids can spend their Xplora Coins on physical products. If a kid wins an auction for a specific physical product, that physical product is then sent to their address.



Explore more with Xplora Premium!

Upgrade to a Troomi Phone and Save $55

Every customer who purchases an XGO3 watch from Troomi receives a $55 credit towards their child’s first phone—when they’re ready to upgrade. The process is easy, they will keep the same phone number, and they will stay protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

XGO3 Activation Guide

Watch Settings

Can the watch send messages?

The screen of the Xplora watch is too small even for child-sized fingers to comfortably text on it. For this reason it is not possible to exchange SMS-messages between the phone and the watch. However, thanks to the chat feature, pre-saved texts, voice messages and emojis can be sent to the contacts who have downloaded the Xplora app.

The chat is limited to exchanges between the watch and the app and therefore it is unfortunately not possible for two watches to text with each other. On the other hand, it is possible to make calls between two watches if their respective numbers have been saved in the contact list(s) in the app(s) of the guardian(s).

How does the SOS call work?

If your children ever found themselves in a dangerous situation, they can send you an SOS alert from the watch.

All the kid needs to do to alert the guardians is to keep the power/SOS button pressed for at least 10 seconds. The watch will call the primary guardian first. In addition, the second guardian will receive a push-up notification on their smartphone.

If the first guardian doesn’t pick up, the watch will call the secondary guardian and will keep on repeating this until one of them answers the call.

Note: The volume or the kind of notification you get on your app depends on the notification settings of your smartphone.

The SOS calls won’t get forwarded to the second guardian if you have enabled the voicemail feature on your smartphone.

Can I download apps and games on the watch?

By design the XGO3 has only basic apps, such as Chat and Calls, Step counter, Calendar, etc. Our watches don’t come with preinstalled apps or games, and it’s not possible to download them on the watch. We want our children to enter the digital world in a safe and controllable way and maintain a good balance between screen time and physical activity.

With that thought in mind we created a space where children can play games and win amazing prizes, as well as make a positive impact in today’s real world. Our Goplay platform encourages children to have an active lifestyle: the steps they make in real life are converted into virtual Xcoins that children can redeem for gifts, games and campaigns.

Can two watches chat between each other?

Kids can’t exchange messages between two Xplora watches yet, but they can call each other if their phone numbers have been saved on the parental app. The chat feature, on the other hand, is limited to exchanges between the watch and the app.



How can I update the date and time on the watch when it is incorrect?

Before the watch has been paired with your smartphone, it usually doesn’t show the correct time and date. Once paired, the watch updates the date and time automatically, in accordance to its geolocation, as soon as it connects to the mobile network. You can choose between the 12 and 24-hour time format in the Settings of the watch > Clock format.

If you keep seeing the wrong date or time on the watch, check if the SIM-card has active mobile data and if the watch receives good coverage. Rebooting the device will help the watch to reconnect to the network and update the date and time.

If your watch still doesn’t show the correct date and time, go to the Settings of the watch and scroll down until you see the option “Set date and time”. Make sure that you have enabled the option “Automatic settings” – the watch will automatically synchronise with your geolocation and update the date and hour.

If you prefer to set your current time zone and date manually, disable the “Automatic settings” to introduce changes.

How can I delete my account data?

If you are an Xplora app user and wish to deactivate your account information, start by sending us an email via 

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we keep your data for 45 days from the date we received the deactivation request and completely delete it afterwards. Within the deactivation period you won’t have access to your account but you will have the option to reactivate it.

After the deactivation period, we will start the process of deleting your account. Deletion from our systems and backups may take up to a week. 

Can I access the watch remotely to listen to or see my child's surroundings?

Xplora watches can’t be used to listen or see the physical surroundings of your child. While this would be technically possible, such a feature poses several problems.

First of all, it’s legally and ethically problematic to enable a function that can be used to listen to others without their knowledge or consent. The watch would not only pick up what your child says, but also what other children or teachers around them say.

It is also problematic when it comes to safety concerns. Some tests showed that products that include a listen in feature can be easily hacked and this would enable access to the watch to an unauthorised person.

How does the school mode work?

In order to enable the school mode, click on “School mode” and set the days and hours when you wish to limit the watch’s features. In school mode, the child can’t use the watch at all, except for checking the time and making SOS calls.

The guardians have access to the location of the watch, but can’t communicate with the watch, unless the child uses the SOS feature

How is the position calculated?

The location of the Xplora watches can be calculated using three different sources: GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile network triangulation.

When outdoors, the GPS offers the highest level of accuracy, with a precision of 25 – 75 meters. GPS signal is not available indoors.

If the position can’t be determined by GPS due to lack of reception (f.ex. inside buildings), the watch will use WiFi to determine its position. The precision radius is then slightly higher than with GPS.
The accuracy of WLAN network positioning will increase in the future, as more and more Wi-Fi networks are being recorded in the database used for location determination.

When neither GPS nor WiFi are available (which is less and less uncommon nowadays), the watch uses the position of mobile antennas to triangulate its position. This method is the least accurate and is only used in the very rare event of neither GPS nor WiFi being available.

You can check the level of accuracy on the app, as well as see which method is used to determine the position of the watch.

Note: Like all smartwatches, Xplora watches have a much smaller antenna than a regular smartphone. The location can only be as accurate as the mobile signal allows.

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