Troomi Offers Parents Solutions

Many parents today are facing the tough question of when to give their child or children a cell phone. Questions may include: What is the right age? What is the right phone? And what are the options out there to meet my child’s needs but also keep them safe? Our CEO, Bill Brady, interviewed in a special segment with ABC News 10 in Albany, New York (aka the city that never sleeps) to discuss some of the solutions Troomi has to offer parents facing decisions around parenting and technology that keep them up at night. 

Taking into account the complexity of the decision around when to introduce technology to kids, including differing maturity levels and family structures, Troomi provides parents and children with devices engineered to help kids stay safe while they can learn, do, and become anything.

“The big thing is to provide parents with an operating system that allows them to very easily cater the phone experience to children of different ages.” 

-Bill Brady, co-founder and ceo

As Bill continues, he reiterates that Troomi’s operating system gives parents the ability to graduate kids from one level of functionality to the next, based on their needs and maturity, without having to replace hardware. 

Click on the clip below to hear more about what Bill has to say and then check out the rest of our blog posts to find more helpful tips and tricks to navigating parenting and technology.