The Right Time and Way: When to Talk to Kids About Sex

Kiko Anderson
when to talk to kids about sex

Talking about sex to your kids can be a daunting task, but it’s important that you discuss it with them before they learn from other sources. So, when is the right time and how do you have that conversation? In this blog post, we’ll discuss when to talk to your kids about sex and the best ways to approach the conversation.

1. Age-appropriate conversations

Start early and be age-appropriate. According to experts, the best time to start talking to your kids about sex is when they begin asking questions. If your child is curious and wants to know where babies come from, explain in a simple and honest way that they can understand. Answer questions as openly and directly as possible without going into too much detail. Use age-appropriate language and avoid using objectifying words such as ‘junk’ or ‘private parts’.

2. Create a comfortable atmosphere

 It is essential to create a comfortable and safe atmosphere when discussing sex education with children. Choose a place where your children feel safe and comfortable discussing such sensitive topics. However, it is important to talk when you and your child are not in a hurry. If interruptions are inevitable, agree on a time when you can continue the conversation without distractions.

3. Be honest and open

When it comes to the conversation, honesty is always the best policy. Answer questions truthfully and be open about what you’re saying. Children can sense when you’re not honest and it can create problems later on. Use accurate information and avoid using scare tactics, which can lead to anxiety or fear around sex.

4. Establish clear boundaries

It is also important to establish clear boundaries regarding sex. While it is important to talk about sex in an informative and positive way, it’s also important to talk about the dangers and consequences of participating in sexual activity too soon. As a parent, you have the right to set rules and limits, but also make it clear that you are available for discussion, no matter the topic and you’re always there to listen and support.

5. Keep communication lines open

Talking about sex is not a one-time conversation, but an ongoing dialogue. Keep the lines of communication open by asking open-ended questions, listening to what your child has to say and providing feedback. Have conversations at different stages of their lives, revisiting the topics whenever necessary. Remember that sex education is a continuous process.


Talking to your kids about sex is an essential part of being a parent. It can be uncomfortable, but the conversation can help equip your children with the knowledge and understanding they need as they grow up. Your children will look up to you and appreciate your guidance. To further support your role as a parent, consider Troomi Wireless, a safe smartphone designed for kids with strong parental controls. With Troomi, parents can have access to all their kids’ texts and decide which apps they can or can’t access, ensuring a secure digital environment. Troomi Wireless empowers parents to stay involved and connected with their children’s digital activities, fostering a sense of trust and guidance in the digital world. By combining open communication and responsible technology use, you can create a safe and supportive environment for your children to grow and learn.

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