The Peaceful Parent: Using Technology Together

Jennifer Johnson

Real World Peaceful Parenting podcast recently featured our very own Bill Brady in a conversation about how to keep kids safe on tech while strengthening parent-child relationships and helping empower kids. Host Lisa Smith and Bill discuss how to use technology in a way that fits your child’s specific needs. 

Bill shared three things he wants every parent to know about kids and technology, including about both the dangers and the benefits of tech. 

“As easy as it is to paint this picture of ‘technology is bad, technology is evil,’ that’s not true either,” said Bill. “There are tools in tech that can help kids with their schoolwork, that can help kids with healthy hobbies, and to discover new passions and decide what they want to do in the future.”As Bill says, Troomi is a solution that will allow parents to take advantage of the benefits of tech for kids while mitigating the risks. To hear more, listen to the podcast episode here.