The Gentleman Project Podcast: Gradually Introducing Kids to Tech

Jennifer Johnson

Troomi CEO Bill Brady stopped in on the Gentleman Project Podcast recently to talk with hosts—and his friends—Kirk Chugg and Cory Moore about all the benefits Troomi offers. The Gentleman Project is a weekly podcast that tells parental success stories. Bill shared his passion for providing better technology solutions for kids.

“It’s become my mission, my life’s work, if you will, to provide a better way for parents to provide technology to their kids in a way that harnesses the good of technology, because kids are all going to use technology as they get older,” said Bill. “And frankly, they need technology for school, for work, to discover their passions and enjoy their hobbies. Technology is part of our lives, but we want to get [kids] away from inappropriate content; the cyberbullying; the predators; that stress, anxiety, and depression that come from social media. That’s really been our goal.”

Troomi is designed to be a flexible option that parents can adjust as their child matures, and the operating system is what allows that to happen.

“It’s really the operating system that’s our product,” said Bill. “We spent a year building it. It’s built in a way that you can cater that phone environment to an eight-year-old, so they have just talk and text, for example, or to a 14- or 15-year-old that needs apps for school and does need some access to the internet. It’s really the phone that grows with your kids.”

Troomi aims to empower kids to use tech safely. While we acknowledge that there are dangers associated with tech, parents can take a proactive, responsible approach that quiets some of the fears. 

“We try not to just be this fear voice, because there’s so much good that technology can do,” Bill said. 

Listen to the entire episode here.