Teaching Kids (And Adults) How to Safely Clean TV Screens

When we look outside our house, we’re usually looking through a window. If the window is dirty, we can’t see as well. Our screens are the windows into our digital worlds. If they are dirty, they aren’t going to be as useful to us. We at Troomi have talked before about keeping our devices clean, but let’s get more specific and look at the best ways to keep our screens pristine (with some bonus tips on how your kids can help).

Make sure to follow your manufacturers recommendations on how to clean your TV. Here is what Apple and Samsung have to say.

Is it safe to clean a TV screen?

Yes, it is safe to clean the screen on your TV, but what you use to clean it does matter. Samsung discourages people from using heavy cleaners with ammonia, acetone, or high alcohol content because they can be too harsh. If you’ve been around the cleaning block before, you might have wondered, “Can you use vinegar to clean a TV screen?” Yes, as long as it’s diluted with water.

How Do You Clean a TV Screen Without Damaging It?

Avoid cleaners with harsh chemicals and use a microfiber cloth. Another danger to a TV while cleaning comes from pressing too hard on the screen. Be gentle. And, although it feels like this should go without saying, never use a bristle brush or steel-wool scrubber.

So, What Is the Best Way to Clean a Flat Screen TV?

Turn off your TV and allow it to cool down. Try to make sure you’re doing the cleaning during daylight so you can more easily see dust or streaks.

With a dry microfiber cloth, wipe the screen. Clean dust from around the edges of the TV and the ports. Your speakers may have dust inside. You can vacuum or use a can of condensed air to clear out dust.

Never spray cleaner directly onto your TV screen. Instead, spray the microfiber cloth with your cleaning solution. But do you need to get a cleaner from the store or can you use vinegar to clean a TV screen? While there are screen cleaners you can buy from the store, you can also use diluted vinegar (1:1 ratio vinegar to water) or alcohol (1:4 ratio alcohol to water). 

Wipe the screen gently. Don’t use too much pressure. 

Don’t leave any moisture on the screen or get the edges of the screen too wet.

After your screen is dry, check for any residue or streaks. If you find any, clean them with a dry, microfiber cloth.

Now enjoy your clean screen.

Getting the kids involved.

Chances are, if you’re like me, two of the main culprits for a dirty TV are dust and kid fingers. Luckily, both are things that kids can also be responsible for cleaning. First, make sure you teach your littles that touching a screen is a no-go. Then, teach them to clean it, but start simple. When your TV screen is showing tell-tale signs of dust (little particles on the screen or a buildup of dust on the top), you can show your kid how to use a microfiber cloth to dust the top of the screen and the surface. Remind them to be very gentle.

Troomi wants to help you and your family enjoy tech responsibly. Keeping them clean lets them help us for even longer and teaching our kids to maintain clean tech is a first skill for lifelong tech management. Check out Troomi for a phone for your kid that teaches them that phones are a tool and not a lifestyle.