Spring Preschool Activities for Ages 3-5

Spring offers a myriad of opportunities for preschoolers to explore, learn, and play both indoors and outdoors. From nature scavenger hunts to planting seeds, butterfly life cycle observations, and rainy day sensory play, there’s a wealth of hands-on activities to engage young learners. Art projects celebrating spring’s vibrant colors, outdoor picnics amidst blooming flowers, and egg carton gardening foster creativity, sensory development, and an appreciation for the environment. Pairing scientific exploration with fun experiments, designing outdoor obstacle courses, and indulging in spring-themed storytelling sessions enhance cognitive skills, physical development, and language proficiency. These diverse activities not only embrace the magic of the season but also nurture curiosity, imagination, and a lifelong love for learning in preschoolers. In this blog we will cover spring preschool activities, indoor and outdoor, and why they are beneficial for young kids.

Outdoor Activities

1. Flower Garden Sensory Bin

Create a sensory bin with potting soil, fake flowers, shovels, and pots. Allow children to “plant” and rearrange the garden, which enhances fine motor skills and sensory experiences.

2. Bug Hunt

Go on a bug hunt around the playground or garden with magnifying glasses. Encourage kids to observe and talk about the insects they find, promoting curiosity about nature.

3. Rainbow Chalk Art

Provide sidewalk chalk and encourage the little artists to draw rainbows, flowers, or whatever spring inspires in them, fostering creativity and gross motor skills as they cover large areas.

4. Nature’s Paintbrushes

Gather leaves, flowers, and twigs, and use them as paintbrushes. Dip them in non-toxic paint and press onto paper, creating unique art with natural textures.

5. Sprout House

Plant seeds in transparent plastic bags with a wet paper towel and tape them to a sunny window. Watch the seeds sprout roots and shoots, teaching kids about plant life cycles.

Indoor Activities

1. Caterpillar Craft

Have children string beads or cut paper circles to make indoor caterpillars, strengthening fine motor skills and pattern recognition.

2. Spring Showers Water Play

Set up a water table or a basin with plastic cups and toys. Simulate rain with small watering cans, encouraging imaginative play and understanding of weather.

3. DIY Wind Chimes

Create wind chimes using recyclable materials like bottle caps, natural items like sticks, and yarn. This activity promotes creativity and sustainability awareness.

4. Egg Carton Flowers

Turn egg cartons into blooming flowers by cutting and painting them, and attaching pipe cleaner stems. This recycle-and-create project teaches resourcefulness and hand-eye coordination.

5. Butterfly Symmetry Painting

Fold a paper in half and paint on one side. Then, fold it again to imprint the other half, creating a symmetrical butterfly. This introduces the concept of symmetry in a fun, artistic way.

Activities for Both Indoor and Outdoor

1. Weather Charting

Make a weather chart with preschoolers and record the daily weather—sunny, rainy, cloudy. It’s a great start to understanding seasons, weather patterns, and early graphing skills.

2. Spring Bingo

Create bingo cards with pictures of spring-related items such as blossoms, rain clouds, and insects. Kids can play inside or take the game outdoors to spot the items in real life.

3. Kite Decorating

Decorate kite-shaped paper cutouts with markers and streamers. When done indoors, these can be hung up as decorations. If the weather allows, take the activity outside to try flying actual kites.

4. Planting Seeds

Plant seeds in small pots or a garden patch, indoors initially, then transferring them outdoors if possible. This teaches responsibility through caring for a living thing and observing growth.

5. Storytime Under the Sky

Read spring-themed books outside under a tree, or make a cozy reading corner indoors. Enriches language skills and sparks imagination about the changing season.


As spring beckons preschoolers to explore and learn amidst blossoming nature, the activities outlined provide a perfect blend of education and fun. These experiences, whether indoors or outdoors, are designed to nurture curiosity, develop skills, and instill a love for learning. In the digital era, ensuring children’s safety and well-being is paramount, and Troomi Wireless offers a solution by providing all the essential features of a phone without the harmful or addictive elements often associated with technology. With Troomi Phones, children can embark on springtime adventures with confidence and security, enabling them to fully engage in the wonders of the season while promoting healthy digital habits from an early age.
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