Spring into Fun: Engaging Spring Activities for Kids

spring activities for kids

Spring is here, ushering in longer days, warmer weather, and the vibrant bloom of flowers! It’s a season that seems tailor-made for outdoor excitement and educational experiences for children. Whether you’re a parent looking to keep young ones entertained, a teacher seeking outdoor learning opportunities, or a homeschooler incorporating the season into your curriculum, these spring activities for kids are perfect for combining fun with learning.

Egg Hunts: More than Just a Dash for Candy

Egg hunts are synonymous with spring, often associated with Easter celebrations. But their appeal doesn’t have to be limited to this. An egg hunt can be a full-fledged sensory and educational experience. Fill plastic eggs with a variety of objects—like textured fabrics, beads, or small toys—and create a themed scavenger hunt that encourages kids to use their senses and problem-solving skills.

A “color hunt” can also be a thrilling variation, where children search for items of specific colors rather than eggs. This can be a playful way to learn colors and enhance observational skills. For older children, you can even turn the egg hunt into a treasure hunt with clues and riddles that lead to the next location.

Gardening: Growing Curiosity and a Green Thumb

Gardening is a fruitful springtime activity that combines lessons in science, responsibility, and the beauty of nature’s cycle. Even in urban settings, container gardening can provide a compact solution. Start with easy-to-grow plants like sunflowers, peas, or strawberries to keep children engaged with the quick results.

Apart from the joy of seeing their plants grow, children can learn about the environment, the importance of pollinators, and the basics of photosynthesis. Composting can also be introduced as a sustainable practice, showing kids how household waste can be turned into valuable nutrients for their garden.

Picnics with a Twist: Combining Food and Learning

Picnics are a perfect spring activity, but they can also be educational. Having themed picnics, such as a literary lunch or a math meal, can make for engaging learning experiences. Pack foods that correspond to a story you’ll read together or include number games with picnic snacks for kids to solve as they eat.

For sensory activities, include a variety of textures and flavors in the picnic basket and get children to describe their experiences. A nature-inspired art picnic is another excellent idea where children can draw the landscapes or objects they see around them.


Spring offers a plethora of activities that blend fun and education, serving as the perfect antidote to the winter chill. These ideas are versatile, allowing for adaptations tailored to children’s interests and learning needs. As flowers bloom and nature comes alive, it’s an ideal time to bring the classroom outdoors and immerse young learners in the wonders of the season. Remember, the most effective learning often occurs when it feels effortless, and the activities suggested here aim to do just that. Embrace the fresh air, the vitality of spring, and the joy of exploring with curious children eager for adventure! With Troomi Wireless, kids can kick off the new season with confidence, equipped with a phone that offers all the essential features and none of the unnecessary distractions. This ensures they stay connected and protected, allowing them to fully embrace the enriching experiences spring has to offer.

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3 Tips to Remember While Planning

  1. Be Mindful of Allergies: With spring comes pollen, so be prepared for possible allergic reactions among the little ones.
  2. Safety First: Always ensure that activities are age-appropriate and that children are supervised, especially during outdoor endeavors.
  3. Foster Creativity: Encourage kids to add their own spin to the activities. Flexibility can lead to wonderful discoveries and more personalized engagement.