Spring Activities for Kindergarten The Whole Class Will Love!

spring activities for kindergarten

Spring bursts with opportunities for young learners to explore and grow! Kindergarten is an exciting time for children to engage with the world around them, and what better way to do so than with themed activities that match the season’s vitality. Below, we’ll discuss three spring activities for kindergarten designed to tickle the senses, nurture curiosity, and align perfectly with key educational goals.

1. Egg Hunt Extravaganza

An egg hunt is not only a delightful tradition but also a chance to strengthen fine motor skills. Kids open or close plastic eggs, pick them up, or place them into baskets. The sheer joy of the quest taps into teamwork and social skills. This happens as children decide on strategies, share findings, and perhaps even trade eggs with one another.

How to Organize:

  • Hide plastic eggs around the playground or classroom.
  • Each egg could contain a small trinket, sticker, or a piece of paper denoting a point value.
  • Encourage children to work in pairs or small groups to search for the eggs.
  • After the hunt, gather to open eggs and share experiences.

2. Planting Seeds of Knowledge

Introduce the miracle of life through planting seeds—an activity that visually demonstrates growth and change over time. As little hands dig into soil and delicately place seeds, they are not only honing their fine motor skills but also laying down the foundation of environmental stewardship.

How to Set Up:

  • Provide pots, soil, seeds, and gardening tools suitable for small hands.
  • Guide children through the process of filling pots with soil, planting the seeds, and watering them.
  • Create a chart to track the growth of the plants over time.
  • Discuss the life cycle of plants and the conditions necessary for growth.

3. Spring Scavenger Hunt

With a list in hand and eyes wide with anticipation, a spring scavenger hunt nudges children to hone their observational skills. Scouring their environment for signs of spring, such as flowers blooming or birds nesting, instills an appreciation for nature’s vibrant palette and the cycles that govern it.

How to Implement:

  • Develop a simple checklist with pictures of items commonly found in spring, such as a green leaf, a flower, or a bird.
  • Split children into groups, each accompanied by an adult, to venture outdoors or around the school.
  • Encourage kids to take turns marking off items as they find them.
  • Discuss findings afterward, allowing children to express what excited them most.

Learning Objectives Met Through Activities:

  • The Egg Hunt and Planting Seeds will engage children’s fine motor skills as they work with their hands.
  • Observing the seeds’ transformation into plants will foster an understanding of growth and change—a fundamental science concept.
  • The egg hunt and scavenger hunt promote teamwork and the practice of social skills like sharing, cooperation, and fair play.
  • All activities encourage children to observe and interact with their environment, developing a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around them.


These activities, rich in discovery and collaborative spirit, are perfect for ushering in the spring season and offer endless moments for joyful learning. With Troomi phones, children can effortlessly explore these enriching experiences while being shielded from the risks of screen addiction and exposure to harmful online content. By providing curated suggestions and a safe digital environment, Troomi encourages kids to venture into new hobbies and activities, fostering their creativity and curiosity. This ensures that children can fully immerse themselves in the wonders of springtime, blossoming alongside the flowers, while parents can have peace of mind knowing their exploration is guided and protected.
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