Show and Tell Ideas for Kids: Creative and Engaging Ways to Share

Kiko Anderson
show and tell ideas for kids

Show and Tell can be the highlight of the school week for kids. It’s their opportunity to share a part of their life with their classmates and teachers. But after a few rounds of sharing toys or pictures of family members, the activity can lose its spark. To help you out, here are some creative and engaging Show and Tell ideas for kids that will take the experience to the next level.

1. Bring in a Unique Object

 Encourage your kids to think outside the box and bring in an object that isn’t the norm for show and tell. It could be a shell, an interesting rock, a piece of jewelry, or a family heirloom. Allow them to explain why the object is special to them or why they find it interesting.

2. Share a Book

Another popular option when it comes to ideas for kids show and tell is books! Get your child to share a book that they love or one that someone has read to them recently. They can show the book cover and maybe even read their favorite passage. This will encourage other students to get reading or share their own favorite books.

3. Show and Tell Ideas for Kids Involving Hobbies

 If your child has a hobby, show and tell can be an excellent opportunity to share it with people outside the family. This could be anything from collecting stamps or rocks, to playing an instrument or sports. They could bring in their favorite equipment and explain why they enjoy it so much.

4. Bring in a Pet

 Depending on the school’s rules, some pets can be brought in for show and tell. If your child has a pet, it could be the perfect opportunity to show their class and teacher. They can explain how they take care of their pet and what their favorite thing to do with them is. This could be a fun way to inspire other kids to adopt a pet or share stories about their own.

5. Share Something They’ve Made

 If your child has made something themselves, show and tell is the perfect opportunity to show it off to others. This could be something they have drawn, a craft project, or even a meal they have learned to cook. They can explain their creative process and maybe even give a demonstration.


Show and Tell is a wonderful activity that allows kids to enhance their confidence and practice verbal presentations within a supportive and secure environment. These Show and Tell ideas for kids are designed to keep the activity engaging and enjoyable for both your child and their classmates. Additionally, Troomi Wireless, a safe smartphone designed for kids, offers parents the ability to access their children’s text messages and regulate which apps they can or cannot access. This added control provided by Troomi Wireless allows parents to ensure a safe and responsible digital experience for their children. By combining the confidence-building aspect of Show and Tell with the responsible digital supervision facilitated by Troomi Wireless, we can create an environment where our kids thrive both in-person and in their digital interactions.

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