Revealing the Coolest Fun Facts About Christmas in France

fun facts about christmas in france

Christmas – a time for joy, cheer, reunions, and traditions across the world! France, being a culturally rich country, has beautifully blended its own traditions with the ones of the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom. So, are you ready to discover the fun facts about Christmas in France? Let’s dive in!

Christmas Markets

France is known for its charming Christmas markets that pop up in cities like Strasbourg, Colmar, Lille, and Paris during this festive season. The French call them le marché de Noël. You’ll find lots of holiday goodies, local crafts, ornaments, and food stands selling piping hot mulled wine, crepes, and gingerbread cookies. The markets kick off in late November and end after Christmas Day.

Le Réveillon and the 13 desserts

French families indulge in a grand dinner called Le Réveillon on Christmas Eve. The menu varies by region, but it typically includes items like oysters, foie gras, turkey with chestnuts, and the famous French Yule log cake called bûche de Noël. Another traditional custom is having 13 desserts served, which depict Jesus and his twelve disciples.

The Nativity Scene

French Christmas celebrations are incomplete without displaying a nativity scene called La Crèche. It is set up with handcrafted figurines, often passed down from one generation to the next. The nativity displays depict the birth of Jesus and represent an essential part of the French Christmas tradition. You’ll find them displayed in churches, cathedrals, and homes.

Yule Goat and La Fête des Lumières

In the region of Provence, the French celebrate Christmas with a unique tradition known as the Yule Goat. People create goat-shaped figurines made of wood and straw, decorated with holly and ribbon and place them under the dining table. Another well-known French tradition is La Fête des Lumières in Lyon, which takes place on December 8th. It is a four-day celebration where the city is decorated with colourful lights, and night-time shows take place.

La Saint Nicolas

Although La Saint Nicolas is not an official holiday in France, it is still celebrated in the north and eastern regions of the country, such as Lorraine, Alsace, and Nord-Pas-de-Calais. It is celebrated on December 6th and honours the patron saint of children. Children place shoes by the fireplace, and La Saint Nicolas brings small gifts and sweets.


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