Purr-fectly Entertaining: 10 Must-Read Cat Kid Books for Little Readers

Kiko Anderson
cat kid books

Finding a good book that will keep your little ones entertained can be a challenge. As someone who adores both kids and cats, I’ve done the research for you! Here are ten must-read cat kid books that both you and your little ones will enjoy.

1. The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

This popular book by Dr. Seuss is a classic among children’s books. It’s a perfect read for beginner readers and those who just enjoy a good rhyming story. In The Cat in the Hat, a mischievous cat arrives and causes chaos in a child’s home, but in the end, the story teaches a valuable lesson.

2. Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton

Splat the Cat is a charming story that follows the trials and tribulations of a lovable, accident-prone feline. The book teaches children important lessons about bravery, kindness, and friendship.

3. Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by James Dean

With groovy illustrations and catchy tunes, Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes is sure to get your kids singing and tapping their feet. The book teaches young readers about colors and the importance of keeping a positive attitude.

4. The Cat Who Wore a Hat by Janette Oke

The Cat Who Wore a Hat is an adorable story about a cat who loves to dress up in different hats. The book is full of colorful illustrations and a great message about being yourself and embracing your own unique style.

5. A Cat in a Coat Series

This picture book series follows the adventures of a curious cat who loves to explore. With whimsical illustrations and fun rhymes, A Cat in a Coat will quickly become a favorite for kids who love cats and exploring.

6. The Great Cat Nap by A.M. Bostwick

The Great Cat Nap is a mystery story that follows two cats as they try to solve a case of a missing moggy. This charming book will keep your little detectives engaged and entertained as they try to figure out the mystery.

7. The Cat Who Wanted to Go Home by Jill Tomlinson 

This is a story about a lost cat who makes friends with another animal who helps her find her way home. It’s a great book for teaching kids about friendship and finding their way home. 

8. Skippyjon Jones by Judy Schachner

Skippyjon Jones is a mischievous Siamese cat who loves to play pretend. The books in the series are full of fun rhymes and silly antics that will have your little ones laughing out loud.

9. Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes

Kitten’s First Full Moon is an award-winning picture book about a curious kitten who mistakes a full moon for a bowl of milk. The book’s illustrations are black and white, but the story is anything but dull. Your little ones will love following the kitten’s journey as it tries to reach the moon.

10. Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel

Bad Kitty is a funny story about a temperamental kitty who hates everything. The book is full of hilarious illustrations and teaches kids about the importance of being kind and considerate of others.


Cats have always been a popular subject in children’s books, and the ones listed above are just a few of the many worth exploring with your little ones. Whether your child is a beginner reader or enjoys thrilling mysteries and adventures, this collection offers captivating options to keep them entertained and engaged. Reading together presents an excellent bonding opportunity, creating fun and lasting memories for both you and your little reader. And with Troomi Wireless, a secure smartphone designed for kids with parental controls, your children can access Troomi’s approved KidSmart® Apps like Kindle and Libby, granting them a safe way to enjoy books anywhere they go. This perfect combination of enchanting cat-themed stories and Troomi’s safe and educational technology ensures a delightful reading experience for kids and peace of mind for parents.

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