Promoting Positive Behavior: Inspiring Kindness Activities for Kids

Kiko Anderson
kindness activities for kids

We want all kids to grow up to be kind, compassionate individuals who positively impact their community and the world. But sometimes it can be challenging to instill these values. The good news is that there are some fun and easy activities you can do with kids to promote positive behavior and inspire kindness. In this blog post, we’ll share some of our favorite kindness activities for kids that will not only bring joy to children but also help them become kinder, more empathetic human beings.

1. Creating Kind Kids with “Kindness Rocks”

One of our favorite kindness activities for kids is creating “Kindness Rocks.” All you need are some rocks, paints, and your imagination. Take the rocks outside, paint them with bright colors or patterns, and add sweet messages like “Be Kind,” “Spread Love,” or “You Are Loved.” Once the rocks have dried, hide them in your community’s parks, sidewalks, or schoolyards. Encourage your children to go on a scavenger hunt to find the rocks and spread kindness through their community. With this kindness challenge for kids, it not only is a fun activity, but it also teaches children about the power of positive words and actions.

2. Share Random Acts of Kindness

Another great way to promote positive behavior and kindness activities for kids is through random acts of kindness. Have your child choose some kind gestures, such as writing a letter to a grandparent, leaving a note for a neighbor, or baking cookies for a friend. The idea is to do something kind and selfless without expecting anything in return. Not only does it brighten someone’s day, but it teaches children about empathy, gratitude, and generosity.

3. Start a Garden as a Kindness Activity 

Planting a garden with your child can be a fun and rewarding experience that teaches them about patience, responsibility, and caring for something. Sprinkle kindness into the activity by adding some veggies or flowers that they can give to someone in need, such as a neighbor or local food bank. Giving children the opportunity to share their harvest with others teaches them about the joy of giving and the importance of community.

4. Create a “Gratitude Jar.”

Gratitude is the foundation of kindness and positive behavior. To promote gratitude, have your child decorate an empty jar that will be your family’s “Gratitude Jar.” Ask your child to think of one thing they are thankful for each day and write it down on a slip of paper. Place that slip of paper in the jar. Once in a while, gather the family together to read the gratitude slips and remind everyone of the good things in their lives. This practice instills a sense of appreciation for the world, even on tough days.

5. Take on Kindness Challenges

Lastly, consider taking on kindness challenges as a family. There are numerous kindness challenges available online, such as “The 30-Day Kindness Challenge” that encourages showing kindness in your home, community, and online. Pushing yourself as a family to do something kind each day reinforces positive behavior, and it’s a fun way to create and sustain a culture of kindness in your home and community.


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