Potterhead Pleasers: The Ultimate Guide to Harry Potter Gifts for Kids

Kiko Anderson
Harry Potter gifts for kids

Calling all Potterheads! If you have kids who love the magical world of Harry Potter as much as you do, then you know how exciting it is to give them gifts related to their favorite wizard. From toys to clothing to books, the options are endless, but it can be overwhelming to narrow it down. That’s why we’re here to help you out with the ultimate guide to Harry Potter gifts for kids. Get ready to make your little one’s Hogwarts dreams come true!

1. Wearable Harry Potter Gifts for Kids

Clothing is both practical and fun, and Harry Potter-inspired clothes are perfect for your little kids. They can wear their love for the series on their sleeves and even become a part of their Hogwarts house with house robes, ties, or scarves. There are also a wide variety of kids’ Harry Potter costumes, t-shirts, hoodies, and even socks to choose from. Your little one can have their pick, but make sure to ask them which of their favorite superstars they would like to wear.

2. Decorate the Room

One of the best Harry Potter gifts for kids that also brings some magic to your child’s room is Harry Potter-inspired decor! There are many ways to do this, from large wall murals to decals that showcase favorite Harry Potter quotes. Posters of Harry, Hermione, and Ron can also bring charm and life to your little’s room, and make them feel like they’re in the wizarding world.

3. Take the Harry Potter Magic Home

Bring the magic of Hogwarts to your home with a variety of Harry Potter board games, jigsaw puzzles, and building sets. These can be enjoyed by every member of the family, and playing together is a great way to introduce your kids to the fantastic world of imagination in Harry Potter. The games can be a lot of fun, too. The books and movies are fantastic, but playing games lets you interact and experience the world you love as a family.

4. Read all about it

Of course, don’t forget the books! Encourage your child’s love of reading with the Harry Potter books series, which is not only enjoyable but is also great for helping to develop your child’s reading and literacy skills. Don’t forget to read it with them too, and share your own opinions, views, and feelings on the book.

5.   Magic Everywhere 

Finally, explore an endless sea of Harry Potter-inspired toys and action figures. From magic wands to action figures, there are so many options to immerse your child in the world of Hogwarts. These toys can actually be a great way to encourage imagination in young children.


With our ultimate guide in your back pocket, you can confidently explore a plethora of Harry Potter-related gift ideas for your own little wizard. With these fantastic gifts, your child will embark on countless hours of magical fun, fostering a deep connection to the world of Harry Potter and creating cherished memories. And to enhance their experience even further, consider pairing their Harry Potter journey with Troomi Wireless, a kid-safe phone that offers access to apps like Audible and Kindle. With Troomi, your child can dive into the magical world of Harry Potter from anywhere, enjoying the flexibility of reading their favorite books on the go. So, happy shopping and may the magic of Harry Potter ignite the imagination of your little one, while Troomi Wireless ensures a safe and enriching digital experience!

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