Out-of-This-World Delights: 10 Space-Themed Food Ideas for Kids

Kiko Anderson
space themed food 

At some point, kids develop a love affair with space. It’s not really surprising since the universe is a vast and mysterious place that sparks wonder in all of us. And what better way to pave the way for their journey into the stars than with some space-themed delicacies? Creating treats that are out of this world doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are ten fun space-themed food ideas to try out with your kids that will take them on a food trip through the galaxy!

1. Cosmic Quesadillas

 These are quick and easy to make. Take a flour tortilla, sprinkle it with shredded cheese, and add some diced tomatoes and olives to create a ‘lunar landscape.’ Then, use a star-shaped cookie cutter to cut out pieces of Monterey Jack cheese to sprinkle over the top. Broil in the oven for 30-60 seconds, until the cheese is melted and bubbly.

2. Fruit Space Themed Food 

 To make these fruit-packed rocket ships, all you need are popsicle sticks and a range of fruits like strawberries, kiwis, orange segments, and berries (to use as rockets). Cut the fruit into small pieces and have your child thread the pieces onto the popsicle stick, starting with the rocket and alternating with other fruits. Once assembled, they can blast-off!

3. Alien Nachos

 This is an exciting twist on everybody’s favorite appetizer. To transform your nachos into an alien invasion, top them with juicy veggies like bell peppers, tomatoes, black beans, and sliced jalapenos. Serve with a side of homemade space guacamole.

4. Starfruit Tower

 When cut horizontally, starfruit yields a wonderful star shape that makes a great base for a space-themed dish. Cut thin slices of starfruit and stack them up, with a dollop of whipped cream or frosting in between the layers. Children can decorate the top with silver and gold sprinkles, or edible glitter stars.

5. Galaxy Pasta

 Turning ordinary pasta into space-themed food is simpler than you think. All you need is to cook your desired pasta and add a sauce colored with blue food coloring to create the ‘cosmic’ effect. Add in some green and red veggies like broccoli and cherry tomatoes, and you have the perfect space food!

6. Moon Rocks

 These moon rock candies look like they just came from the moon. Mix together sugar, corn syrup, and water and heat until the mixture reaches 300°F. Add flavor and color, then pour onto a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper. Once it cools, kids can crack away to reveal their ‘moon rocks.’

7. Planetary Pizza

 Nothing says space like a pizza that looks like a planet! Use tomato sauce and toppings to create swirled designs on top of your pizza. Use mushrooms and green peppers to create ‘craters’ and ‘mountains’ on the planet.

8. Meteorite Muffins

 Meteorite muffins are an easy and versatile treat to make with kids. You can mix in some crushed Oreos and use blue and silver sprinkles to create the meteorite effect. They look amazing and taste even better.

9. Spiral Strawberries

 Cut off the tops of strawberries, and slice them lengthwise in a spiral pattern. Use a toothpick to hold each slice in place, and add whipped cream, or melted chocolate on top. These would be perfect for a spacecraft-themed celebration.

10. Cosmic S’mores

 Take s’mores to another planetary level by replacing the traditional graham cracker with Oreo cookies, and using marshmallows that are colored black and purple. They make the perfect treat for stargazing!


Creating a space-themed menu for your children is a delightful way to ignite their curiosity for exploration, science, and the wonders beyond our planet. With an abundance of do-it-yourself galaxy-inspired recipes available, preparing the perfect space-themed snacks has never been easier. And with Troomi Wireless, a safe smartphone for kids that is parent-controlled and equipped with a GPS location app, you can stay connected with your children during all your exciting cosmic adventures while ensuring their safety.

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