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How it works:

Location tracking with GPS

Active GPS tracking for your active kids

The GPS tracking feature, accessible through the Parent Portal, grants you real-time location updates for your child, as long as they have their Troomi phone with them.

Only approved contacts

Safelisting to control unwanted calls and texts

Say goodbye to SPAM and unwanted calls and texts with Troomi’s SafeListing™ feature. Keep your child’s communication safe and secure.

Remote text monitoring, even deleted texts

Remote text monitoring

Put an end to the uncomfortable moments of scrolling through your child’s messages with them looking over your shoulder. Instead, review texts anytime right from the Parent Portal, then talk to your child about anything concerning. Images are included, as well as any messages that may have been deleted on the device. You can even search by contacts and keywords.

Set app availability timeframes

Create app specific time schedules

Apps for school, apps for weekends, you decide what apps your child can use and when.

Approve apps

Apps that benefit your kids’ lives

Elevate your child’s learning and creativity with KidSmart® Apps. The Parent Portal allows you to handpick and install the apps your child needs for school and hobbies. Our ever-expanding app library ensures a variety of choices, and for added safety, most apps only work when connected to trusted WiFi networks, like home, church, and school.

Carefully curated KidSmart apps

Harmful social media apps have no place on kids phones

We say no so you don’t have to. The U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy issued this warning: “Children are exposed to harmful content on social media, ranging from violent and sexual content, to bullying and harassment. And for too many children, social media use is compromising their sleep and valuable in-person time with family and friends. We are in the middle of a national youth mental health crisis, and I am concerned that social media is an important driver of that crisis – one that we must urgently address.”

No image texting mode

Messaging preferences that work for your family

Parents have varying preferences for messaging features: some opt for text-only, while others choose to enable picture sharing and group chats. Switch effortlessly from basic texting to group and picture messaging with a single click. SafeListing applies to both options, ensuring your child’s safety in all their digital interactions.

No browser mode or SafeBrowser™

Introduce the internet in a safer way with a KidSmart® Safe Browser​

The choice is yours! Troomi phones default to no browser, which many parents, especially those with younger children, prefer. However, if your child is ready for responsible online exploration, introduce them to our KidSmart® Safe Browser. This browser allows you to specify approved website domains, while all others remain entirely blocked for your child.

Remote phone health dashboard

Know how much battery and signal they have

Monitor your child’s remaining battery life and check their cellular and WiFi status through the Parent Portal. Always be aware of your child’s connectivity and safety.

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