Mint Arrow Messages Podcast: When to Give Kids Cell Phones

Jennifer Johnson

Our CEO and founder Bill Brady recently sat down with Corrine Stokoe from Mint Arrow to talk about when to get kids a phone, how to introduce them to tech, and what to look for in a phone for kids. Bill shares how he became passionate about better options for safe, functional phones designed for kids after hearing heartbreaking stories about kids and tech from friends.

“There’s got to be a better way,” says Bill.

Bill and Corrine talk about the dangers of technology, including those that are more obvious and talked about and those we may not think of as much, and Bill shares why Troomi phones don’t have access to social media.

“What so many parents are just coming to realize is that there are other dangers that are just as harmful, but they’re not obvious,” Bill says. “I think specifically about stress, anxiety, depression, bullying, all of these things that start online and frankly through social media.”

Troomi’s system is different from other parental controls on the market, because capability is managed through the Parent Portal, which is totally separate from the child’s phone. These phones have military grade security that doesn’t allow kids to hack it.

“It’s connectivity to Mom and Dad without risk of connectivity to all these other influences that you don’t want to have.”

Listen to the whole episode here or wherever you listen to podcasts.