Mastering Parenting Skills: The Art of How to Talk So Kids Will Listen

Kiko Anderson
how to talk so kids will listen

Parenting is an adventure, and every parent wants to do their best when it comes to children. At times it can be a rather challenging task. Communicating with children is not always easy. However, mastering crucial parenting skills such as how to talk so kids will listen can go a long way in facilitating better communication with children. The connection between parents and children enhances their trust, builds a sense of security around the child, and helps them grow into sound individuals. In this blog, we will work through a few strategies to make communication with children easier and look at some ways to hone your skills in how to talk so kids will listen.

1. One-on-One Conversation

 A one-on-one conversation is essential and helpful. Make the time and put in the effort to have that conversation without losing your temper or raising your voice. Pay attention and listen to your child’s side of the issue too. When you show your child that you value what they have to say and actively listen, you will find that they are more willing to listen to you. By doing this, you create an environment that fosters open communication and trust.

2. Mindful Listening

 Your kids crave your undivided attention. If you hurry them and brush them off every time they speak to you, they might start to feel like there’s no point in trying to talk to you. When conversing with your kids, make sure you prioritize peaceful talks, rather than abrupt interrogations for any wrongdoing. Be present and in the moment, focusing on your child and showing your interest in what they have to say. Listen to their stories, understand their feelings and emotions, and create a safe space for them to share their world with you.

3. Demonstrating Reasoning & Empathy

 When trying to get children to listen, using reasoning and showing empathy is vital. This doesn’t always mean you have to agree with them, but you can still understand their point of view. Most importantly, it would be helpful if you validated these emotions. Acknowledge that what they believe is valid enough to deserve consideration. By doing so, not only are you acknowledging their opinion, but you’re creating a partnership with your child.

4. Having Clear communication

 When trying to understand how to talk so little kids will listen, clear communication is vital. As parents, we have to communicate in a way that our children will understand. Use language that is age-appropriate and maintains eye contact when you’re speaking to the child. It would be best if you also kept the conversation simple and on-point. This way, children can comprehend more readily what message they’re supposed to receive when they hear you speak.

5. How to Talk so Kids Will Listen While Dealing with Mistakes

 Everyone makes mistakes, and children are not left out. That’s where strong parenting comes in. Dealing with mistakes correctly and communicating why it’s a mistake can help a child learn valuable life lessons. By pointing out the error and relating it back to what the child was meant to do, it helps them form long-lasting habits. However, this should not be approached aggressively and should be done with an understanding tone.


Effective parenting plays a crucial role in raising successful and well-adjusted children. One key aspect of this is understanding how to communicate with children in a way that encourages active listening. It is important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting, but with a little effort and mindfulness, parents can make a significant difference in their children’s lives. Additionally, utilizing Troomi Wireless, a secure smartphone designed for kids with parental controls, further supports responsible parenting. With features like the GPS location app, parents can easily access their child’s location anytime, providing an additional layer of safety and peace of mind. By combining effective communication and responsible digital parenting, we can nurture our children’s growth and well-being.

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