Make Goals Stick With A Kids New Year’s Resolution Worksheet

kids new years resolution worksheet

As the new year approaches, we often take the time to reflect on the past twelve months and set new goals for the months ahead. While many people focus on personal resolutions, it’s also important to encourage our children to create positive changes in their lives. If you’re not sure where to start, a kids’ new year’s resolution worksheet can help guide your child’s goal-setting process.

Explain the concept of resolutions to your child

Before your child can set new year’s resolutions, it’s important to make sure they understand what they are. Explain the concept of resolutions as a commitment to making positive changes in one’s life. Emphasize that resolutions should be specific, measurable, and achievable. This will help them to set goals that are realistic and manageable.

Use a worksheet to guide the process

Kids’ new year’s resolution worksheets can be found online for free or downloaded for a small fee. The worksheet should contain prompts and questions to help your child think about the areas of their life where they want to see improvement. It should also encourage them to set specific goals and create a plan for achieving them.

Make it fun and engaging

Setting goals shouldn’t feel like a chore. Encourage your child to think creatively and come up with fun and engaging ways to achieve their goals. For example, if your child wants to read more books, suggest a reading challenge or set up a reward system for meeting certain goals.

Help your child stay accountable

Setting goals is just the first step. To help your child achieve them, it’s important to hold them accountable. Check in with your child regularly to see how they’re doing and provide encouragement and support. If your child is struggling to achieve their goals, work with them to create a plan for overcoming obstacles.

Celebrate progress and success

As your child works towards their goals, celebrate their progress and success. This will help to keep them motivated and engaged in the process. Encourage your child to share their successes with family and friends, and celebrate with a special treat or activity.


A kids’ New Year’s resolution worksheet is a fantastic tool for guiding your child to set and achieve positive goals for the upcoming year. By introducing the concept of resolutions, utilizing a worksheet for structured planning, ensuring a fun and engaging process, fostering accountability, and celebrating progress, you empower your child to make meaningful changes. Encourage your child to reflect on achievements and set new goals as they grow.

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