Learning Made Fun: Educational Board Games for Kids

Kiko Anderson
educational board games for kids

Parenting is a challenging journey. One of the challenges is teaching kids different abilities but at the same time making it enjoyable for them. There is always the struggle in engaging kids in more befitting activities compared to video games or movies. Beyond having fun, educational board games for kids can imbue a significantly positive influence on their growth and development. In this article, we will highlight the top educational board games for kids that will both boost their mental faculties and also be a great treat to play.

1. Scrabble

 Along with being fun, one of the best brain games for kids is Scrabble. It supports cognitive development, as children build their vocabulary set and exercise their mental faculties as they work on spelling and constructing words. The primary goal of this game is to create words from a set of lettered tiles, with each letter value attached to a specific point. 

2. Monopoly 

This board game has a definite beginning and an end, which sets it apart from most games where players keep on playing to win until everyone gets tired. In building monopolies of property, players transact and trade for cash. Monopoly is ideal for kids as it enables them to learn imperative money handling abilities that can set them on the path toward financial freedom as they mature. The game boosts a child’s analytical and problem-solving skills in addition to providing mathematical practice via deals and transactions. 

3. Blokus

 This block puzzle game has players competing against each other to complete a colorful board. Each player has to put together corresponding colored puzzles, and the first successfully accomplishing the colorful pattern emerges as the winner. The game is ideal for kids, as it boosts their critical thinking and also encourages them to think creatively.

4. Math Educational Board Games for Kids 

 These include games such as Clumsy Thief and Smath, which are suitable tools for building basic math skills. These games are specifically for younger children but adults and older kids can also have fun while offering moral support or when challenging each other. 

5. Catan

 Catan has players searching for new territories to expand their settlements, harvest resources, and trade with others in order to grow their settlements even further. This game offers fun and an adventure while promoting the development of problem-solving skills, as players carry out negotiations as well as strategic planning.


When approached with the right mindset, educational board games for kids can serve as a powerful tool for both learning and entertainment. Educational board games offer a delightful and interactive way for kids to learn, develop, refine, and apply essential skills that will benefit them in the future. By investing in a selection of educational board games for your kids, you can introduce an innovative and enjoyable approach to learning. To further enhance the gaming experience and ensure their safety, consider Troomi Wireless, a parent-controlled, kid-safe phone. Troomi’s approved KidSmart® Apps include popular games like Chess for Kids, Classic Solitaire, and Sudoku, allowing your children to play and learn wherever they go. With Troomi Wireless, you can provide a secure environment for your kids to explore the world of educational gaming, combining fun and learning in one convenient package.

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