KidSmartⓇ Apps: Troomi’s Best Music Apps for Kids

Believe it or not, when I taught first grade, I wasn’t my student’s favorite teacher. The coveted title belonged to Miss Rachel, the music teacher. 

Every Thursday afternoon, Miss Rachel wheeled an instrument-laden cart down to our first-floor classroom for music class. Over the next hour, our students exercised their creativity by playing instruments from around the world, clapping out simple rhythms, and singing some silly songs. When music class was over, they would beg Miss Rachel to keep teaching for the rest of the day. I don’t blame them—who wants to practice math facts when you can play the djembe?

My students were lucky to learn about music during school, seeing as how not every child gets the same opportunity. Thanks to technology, however, traditional (and pricey) music lessons are no longer the only way to study an instrument. Now, any child can learn about music from the comfort of their own living room. All it takes is curiosity, passion, and music apps for kids.

We here at Troomi believe that technology is an amazing tool with many creative uses. When used correctly, it can really inspire kiddos to think outside the box and try new things. That’s why our collection of KidSmartⓇ Apps features some pretty cool music apps for kids. Before we get into the specifics about these applications, let’s talk a little bit more about why your kids should explore the magical world of music.

Why Should My Child Learn Music?

Before I was a first grade teacher and Troomi devotee, I taught piano to kids living in my neighborhood. It was a great way to earn a little extra cash during my undergrad, and I loved seeing how excited my students got about the piano—even when all they could play was Baa Baa Black Sheep. Teaching piano also made me realize how beneficial music lessons are for kids. Here are a few ways that learning music helps your child as they grow:

  • Music teaches kids to learn from failure. Playing music is a masterclass in failure. Nobody plays a song right the first time—even the masters. When it comes to music, though, failure is a good thing! It motivates kids to develop a growth mindset, which in turn encourages kids to practice again and again. There’s nothing like a little failure to make us appreciate the positive consequences of hard work. 
  • Music inspires out-of-the-box thinking. Music teaches kids to think outside the box and use their creativity. No two musicians play a song the same way, and it’s exciting to see how each young artist interprets certain moments in a piece.
  • Music brings kids into the present moment. Making music is a hands-on activity. Focusing on their fingers causes kids to put down their phone and step into the present. Existing in the present moment is an essential part of mindfulness, and studies show that mindfully playing music helps kids cope with feelings of stress or anxiety. 
  • Music galvanizes greater self-confidence. Playing music challenges kids to push themselves and commit to a goal. Reaching goals and reflecting on past successes is key to building self-confidence. After all, few things feel better than playing a song correctly for the first time (except maybe playing it correctly for the second, third, and fourth times). 

Best Apps for Learning about Music

Now that we know why creating music is so beneficial, let’s talk a little bit more about the apps you can use to jump-start your child’s musical education. Troomi devices with the Discover plan feature two such music apps for kids: 

Perfect Ear is a great way for your kiddo to stretch their musical muscles. This app is easy for kids to maneuver—and did I mention that it’s free? Perfect Ear features a ton of exercises and activities that emphasize sight reading, pitch, and rhythm. These three elements are foundational for any budding musician. If your kiddo is super psyched about music, you can purchase additional packs that feature more complicated and advanced exercises.

Simply Piano, on the other hand, teaches your child the basics of piano. Your kiddo’s first course on the app is free, so your wallet will thank you (especially when you consider how expensive in-person piano lessons can be). After some quality time with Simply Piano, your child will be grooving and jiving on the keys. Watch out—you might just be raising the next Billy Joel!

Best Apps for Appreciating Music

When I was a kid, my dad held “Rock Appreciation” classes during morning carpool. He blasted his favorite Pink Floyd or Rush songs and gave us little facts about each band as we listened. Thanks to my dad, I learned a lot about music from a young age. I still jam out to that good classic rock as I walk to class.

There is so much quality music in the world. Introducing your children to diverse types of tunes may inspire them to create their own original style. Troomi smartphones feature all your favorite music streaming apps, including:

  • Amazon Music
  • Apple Music
  • iHeartRadio Family
  • Spotify
  • Spotify Kids

Of course, not everyone is into the streaming scene. If you prefer adding music directly to your phone, you can do that too! Adding music to your Troomi device is simple—check out this article to learn how it’s done.

App Recommendations? Send Them In!

Can you think of another great music app for kids that inspires children to delve deeper into the world of rhythm and melody? We’d love to hear about it! Click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page and submit your recommendation for a potential KidSmartⓇ app. Our team of developers will vet the app for safety and if approved, you’ll see it added to the Parent Portal!

Music is the greatest thing in the world, and technology has made it more accessible than ever before. With one of these music apps for kids, your kiddo will be plucking strings, tickling keys, and playing tune after tune in no time. Just don’t blame me when they wake you up with a little early morning Beethoven.