Kids Wasting the Weekend on Their Phones? Not with Troomi!

We get it—giving your kids their first cell phone is a big deal. What will my kids be exposed to online? Will they get addicted to playing games? What if they become glued to a screen and even start getting in trouble with it at school? Troomi was created to take these fears out of giving your kids a phone. Now you can have peace of mind that your kids can get in contact with you, without the stress of all the other possibilities. As you help your family learn appropriate phone use and time management, here’s another way Troomi can help!

Parent Portal and KidSmart Apps

Did you know our phones come with no social media or gaming access? In our KidSmart Apps (see them here), your kids have access only to apps and games which are safe and encourage them to develop their talents and interests! Access to these are available through the Discover Plan once you give permission through the Parent Portal. Our Parent Portal is on your phone so there is never a need to physically have your kids’ phones in hand to manage them. 

How can I keep my kids from spending their weekends glued to their phones?

A new phone is an exciting thing even for adults. To help your kids learn that tech shouldn’t be a tyrant or a toy, you can set schedules around when certain apps can be used. You can set weekday schedules and weekend schedules or even certain hours of accessibility. For example, if your kids like to be on their favorite KidSmart App for hours at a time, you can set up a schedule that allows that app to only be accessible on the weekends. This helps your kids focus on homework or getting some Vitamin D during the week. Or, if you’re worried about texting during class, you can disable texting until after school! 

Why Troomi?

Obviously we may be a little biased, but we think Troomi is the best option out there! With the ability to keep in touch with your kids and help them learn to use a phone responsibly, it’s a win-win!