Keep the Party Hopping: Best Outdoor Party Games for Kids

Kiko Anderson
outdoor party games for kids

When planning for a party you need to think about the venue, the food, the decorations, and most importantly, the activities that will keep the little ones entertained and engaged. Fortunately, there are plenty of outdoor party games that you can incorporate into your celebration to keep the fun going all day long. From classic games to modern ones, here are some of the best outdoor party games for kids.

1. Giant Jenga

This game is a giant jenga version of the classic block-stacking game. It’s perfect for kids who love a challenge and enjoy strategizing. The best thing about Giant Jenga is that it can be played by multiple players at the same time, making it ideal for parties. The game consists of a tower of blocks that players take turns removing until the tower collapses. The last player to remove a block without the tower falling over wins the game.

2.  Kid-Friendly Water Games 

Another option when it comes to party games for kids is playing a fun water game! Water balloons, water guns, water tag, water obstacle courses—the options are limitless! Don’t forget to keep towels and extra clothes handy so the kids can dry off quickly and comfortably.

3. Racing Outdoor Party Games for Kids 

This frozen t-shirt race is another game that is ideal for hot summer days. The game involves freezing T-shirts and then having the kids race to see who can put on their frozen shirt the fastest. The first one to put on the frozen shirt is the winner.

4. Limbo

Limbo is a classic party game that never gets old. All you need is a long stick or broom handle and some music. Kids take turns trying to go under the stick as it’s lowered closer and closer to the ground. The player who can go the lowest without touching the stick or falling over wins the game.

5. Giant Outdoor Twister

If you want a game that will get everyone moving and laughing, then Giant Twister is the perfect game for your party. Instead of the small mat, you use a large vinyl or plastic cloth, and the positions are larger. You’ll need to have at least 3 players, with one person designated to spin the spinner, and the others following instructions to use their hands or feet on a specific color.


Outdoor parties are all about creating a lively and interactive atmosphere, and the right selection of games can make all the difference. These party games for kids are designed to ignite their imaginations, foster friendly competition, and encourage socialization. With activities like scavenger hunts, relay races, and water balloon tosses, your outdoor party is sure to be a hit. And with Troomi Wireless, a parent-controlled safe smartphone for kids, parents can have peace of mind knowing they can access their child’s location anytime using the GPS location app. So get ready to create unforgettable memories at your next outdoor party!

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