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Why Katie Chooses Troomi

“Troomi has done a brilliant job creating a stepping stone technology option that keeps the worst of the Internet away from my kids while allowing them to connect with their friends and use functionality that helps their life, rather than hindering it.”

— Katie Kimball
Owner of Kitchen Stewardship

More About Katie

I’m the chief mess-maker here at Kitchen Stewardship and work-in-progress mom of 4 on a mission to help families stay healthy without going crazy. Here at Kitchen Stewardship, I serve people who struggle to juggle it all. It’s my joy to bring my experience to the virtual table to help other women (and men) achieve balance. I’ll give you the tools to have more real food in your kitchen and tips for sustainable living, while sprinkling in time for fun.

Get $50 Off A Troomi phone

Use promo code: KCRF