Journey Through Time: Top Picks for Educational History Books for Kids

Kiko Anderson
history books for kids

It is important to instill a love for learning in kids, especially when it comes to history. Understanding history gives children a better perspective and appreciation for the world around them. But let’s face it, history can sometimes be perceived as boring or too complicated for children. Good thing there are educational history books that are both enjoyable and informative. In this blog post, let’s journey through time and discover the top picks for educational history books for kids.

1. “The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System” by Joanna Cole

Who says learning science and history cannot mix? This classic book takes Ms. Frizzle and her class on a field trip to the solar system. As they explore Mars, Venus, and other planets, kids can also learn about the space race, the history of astronomy, and the wonders of the universe.

2. “I Am Marie Curie” by Brad Meltzer

Inspire your little scientist with the life of Marie Curie, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. This book tells the story of Marie’s childhood in Poland and how she became a pioneer in the field of science. It also touches on her struggles as a woman in a male-dominated industry. The beautiful illustrations and engaging storytelling make it a must-read for both kids and parents.

3. “The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child” by Susan Wise Bauer

For a comprehensive approach to world history, “The Story of the World” series is a favorite among homeschooling families. Divided into four volumes, this book covers ancient times to modern history. What makes it unique is its storytelling style that makes the people and events in history come alive. It also includes engaging exercises and activities that make learning history exciting.

4. “Who Was…?” Series by Various Authors

This series is full of the best kids history books! Who says history is only about kings and queens? The “Who Was…?” The series introduces children to important figures in history such as inventors, artists, and activists. From Leonardo da Vinci to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, kids can learn about the lives and accomplishments of these remarkable people. The series is written in an easy-to-read format, with illustrations and timelines that help kids understand the context of each story.

5. “Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History” by Vashti Harrison

This book pays tribute to the contributions of Black women in history. From Harriet Tubman to Serena Williams, the author beautifully illustrates and writes about the lives of 40 brave and inspiring women. It also includes a glossary of terms and additional resources for parents and educators.


With the best kids history books teaching can be an engaging and captivating experience. That’s why we recommend exploring the fascinating world of history through carefully curated books that make learning about the past an exciting journey. While the books mentioned here are just a glimpse of what’s available, there are countless more waiting to be discovered. With the help of Troomi Wireless, a kid safe phone, parents can choose from a list of  KidSmart® Apps like Libby, Audible, and Kindle, allowing them to immerse themselves in the joy of reading anytime, anywhere. Let’s ignite their imagination and encourage a passion for history. Happy reading!

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