Intentional Choices with Kids and Tech

Jennifer Johnson

When it comes to technology, our kids’ experience is basically a 180 degree difference from our own growing up. While we can remember a time before cell phones (some of us even remember before computers!), our kids were born into a world saturated with personal devices and technology. 

Our Troomi co-founder and CEO, Bill Brady, was recently a guest on the podcast Fight Like a Mother to talk about parenting in a digital age. Bill and host Cheryl Cardall discuss how kids are digital natives, and they will be exposed to tech in one way or another during their lives. But that doesn’t mean that parents don’t have choices.

These choices around kids and tech used to feel like all or nothing: give your child a phone with no restrictions and expose them to all the associated risks, or give them a phone that’s so limited that they’ll outgrow it in a year or two. Bill shares how Troomi adds a middle ground in this area, allowing parents to buy a quality, safe phone for their child, and then easily add functionality as the child grows and matures.

To learn more about how Troomi mitigates the risks of tech while enabling the benefits for your kids, listen to the full Fight Like a Mother podcast episode here.