Impulse Control Activities for Kids: Cultivating Patience

Kiko Anderson
impulse control activities for kids

Impulsive behavior is pretty common in children, but it can create several problems, both in the present and later in life. Therefore, it’s essential to teach kids effective impulse control skills, such as patience and decision-making. Luckily, certain activities can cultivate these abilities and help children learn to regulate their emotions and actions effectively. Below are some of the best impulse control activities for kids that parents can encourage.

1. Simon Says

 Simon Says is a classic game used to improve kids’ listening skills and attention. It is a fun and straightforward game that heightens kids’ impulsivity through various commands like “Simon says, jump ten times” or “Simon says, spin three times.” It’s an excellent opportunity to teach children the importance of taking instructions and improving their decision-making skills.

2. Breathing Impulse Control Activities for Kids 

 Controlled breathing is another technique that can help children manage their impulses. Taking deep breaths allows the brain to calm down, and children will get more control over their thoughts and emotions. You can teach your children to do simple breathing exercises where they inhale for four seconds, hold for two seconds, and exhale for six seconds.

3. Red Light, Green Light

 Red Light, Green Light is a great option when it comes to impulse control activities! One child plays the role of the traffic cop, while others move forward on the green light and stop on the red light. You can explain to your children that the game helps them learn that there are times when they need to wait and times they can move ahead.

4. Impulse Control Board Games

 Board games like chess, Monopoly, and Clue can be beneficial in improving children’s impulse control. These games involve decision-making, delayed gratification, and strategy – essential skills for impulse control. When playing these games, children can learn the importance of taking their time and thinking through their moves before making any decisions.

5. Exercising Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a very popular option when it comes to impulse activities for kids! By practicing mindfulness, children can focus their attention on what’s happening in the present moment rather than acting impulsively. You can take five to ten minutes per day to practice mindfulness with your children, where you all sit quietly focusing on your breathing or imagining a peaceful scene. Plus, Troomi now offers Calm and Ambience that provides kids with breathing exercises as part of their KidSmart® Apps


Improving impulse control in children is a crucial task for parents and educators. By teaching children patience and decision-making, they can learn to manage their impulses and control their emotions. These five impulse control activities for kids are practical and easy to implement. Simon says, Red Light Green Light, board games, slow breathing, and mindfulness can all help children learn to manage their impulses effectively. Additionally, with Troomi Wireless, a safe smartphone for kids that is parent-controlled, you can enhance your child’s safety and supervision. Using the GPS location app provided by Troomi Wireless, parents can access their child’s location anytime, ensuring peace of mind and an added layer of security. With Troomi Wireless, parents can prioritize their child’s well-being while also promoting healthy impulse control through engaging activities and continuous monitoring.

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