How To Help Your Child Be Independent

Helping your child be independent is a critical aspect of positive parenting. It comes with many valuable benefits, including boosting their self-confidence, empowering them to do anything, and making them future-ready. Don’t know where to start? Check out these practical tips on improving your kids’ independence with everyday habits.

Assign Age-Appropriate Tasks 

Let your children get a sense of accomplishment by giving them little responsibilities at home. There are so many simple, everyday cleaning chores they can help you with or do themselves. Here are some examples.

  • Watering the plants in the garden.
  • Making their beds in the morning.
  • Folding their own clothes.
  • Picking up and putting away their toys when they’re done playing.
  • Setting up the placemats, coasters, and utensils on the dining table.
  • Organizing their bookshelf or stacking books in a neat pile.
  • Wiping spills or dust from tables and other surfaces.
  • Refilling pet bowls with fresh food and drinking water.

Make these tasks a part of their everyday routine as something they have to do in the morning. Aside from independence, these tasks are also perfect for developing fine and gross motor skills and keeping them busy, especially if they love following you around the house. 

Educate Them About Wise Money Habits 

Teach your children the value of getting personal finances in order at an early age. Encourage them to save by giving them a piggy bank where they can put the loose change from their allowances, rewards, or gifts from relatives during holidays. When they ask you to buy something, motivate them to save for it, have a target deadline, and then incentivize them by doubling the amount they saved or covering the balance they can’t pay. 

Look for Progress, Instead of Perfection

Help your child be independent through constant support and validation. Trust and believe that they can do things on their own.

  • When they finish a task all by themself, acknowledge and let them know they should be proud of it. 
  • If you have to give feedback, make sure you word it properly and carefully, so you don’t hurt their feelings. Give them clear and concise instructions on how they can improve next time. 
  • Make room for messes and mistakes. 
  • Look for progress instead of perfection. Try not to get mad or upset when they make an error because that will scare them from trying again.

Give Them Privileges as They Show Responsibility

Part of helping your child be independent is giving them freedom and privileges when they’ve proven that they’re responsible enough. If your child has a Troomi phone, you can increase their privileges with the click of a few buttons! Troomi phones also help kids learn to be responsible for their tech habits, which in turn promotes their independence. Sounds like a win-win to me.