How to Create an Easy Christmas Charcuterie Board

christmas charcuterie board

The holiday season is always a time for good food, family, and friends. A great way to get everyone excited about the festivities is by creating a Christmas charcuterie board. It’s easy, fun, and perfect for sharing with those you love. In this blog post, we will walk you through how to create your very own easy Christmas charcuterie board that the whole family can enjoy.

 Choosing Your Board and Platter

The first step to creating your Christmas charcuterie board is finding the perfect board or platter. There are a variety of options available that range from wood to marble to slate. Choose one that fits your personal style and size. For a Christmas-inspired board, you may want to pick a board with a festive theme. Look for platters that are red or green or even have holiday illustrations on them.

Selecting Your Meats and Cheeses

After selecting the perfect board or platter, it’s time to choose your meats and cheeses. Charcuterie boards typically include a variety of cured meats, such as salami, pepperoni, and prosciutto. You can also add a few types of cheese to the mix. Go for soft cheeses like brie, gouda, or goat cheese. If you don’t like cheese, replace it with nuts or fruits. Get creative with your choices, or ask your guests for their favorites.

Adding Fruits and Vegetables

Now, let’s add some fruits and vegetables to your charcuterie board. Select items that complement your meat and cheese choices. You may want to add some fresh grapes, berries, or figs to the board. In terms of vegetables, you can add some crunch with carrots, celery, or bell peppers. Add some dipping sauces too, for example, mustard or honey. With your guests in mind, you might also want to add the traditional pigs-in-blankets, which can be rolled up sausages or bacon bites or quiches.

Deciding on Breads and Crackers

To complete your Christmas charcuterie board, select your favorite bread or crackers. You can choose from gluten-free options if you have guests with dietary restrictions. Choose crackers with different shapes like stars or snowflakes for a festive touch. Consider homemade wild garlic bread, infused with garlic cloves and topped with butter.


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