How GPS Works and Keeps Your Kids Safe

Paige Geis Bradshaw

We’re willing to bet the big bucks that you know a thing or two about getting around with GPS—it’s on your phone, it’s on your computer and it could even be installed in your car! Despite using it on the daily, we’re dying to know: have you ever wondered how it works?

What is GPS?

GPS is a faster, easier way of saying, “Global Positioning System.” Developed to allow accurate determination of location, this system is a satellite-based system that transmits location information between satellites and users. 

How does GPS work?

Satellites in Earth’s orbit determine the distance between the user and three—of over thirty total—satellites to offer the location of the user. Who knew that doing something as simple as using GPS made you an expert in space exploration? (You’re basically an astronaut!)

How can GPS keep your child safe?

One of our phone’s most significant safety features is—you guessed it—the GPS! How can it help your child stay safe?

  • Lost and found. Even the most mature of us have misplaced a phone! If your child can’t quite remember where they’ve left theirs, you can use GPS to find what’s been lost in no time.
  • No answer. Often innocently, our kids miss our calls. Whether the sound of their phone is on “silent” or they’re distracted by how much fun they’re having, checking their location with GPS will put your mind at peace.
  • Truth or dare? As your child transforms into a teenager, they may develop a tendency to omit information about where they’re really going. Stay on top of their travels with GPS.
  • Keep track of your child! With school back in session, after-school activities—like meetings, clubs and sports—are about to be back in full swing, too. When something slips your mind (it happens to us all), GPS can bring it back to the forefront!

Which GPS apps are available on Troomi devices?

  • Family Locator. The Family Locator app loops you in on what the whole family’s up to—both day and night! This app uses your phone’s GPS tracker to ensure family safety, even when someone’s far away. Not only is it free (bonus!), it helps your family stay safe with general GPS tracking, SOS alerts and the ability to create zone alerts. Cool, huh?
  • Life 360. Life 360 is above and beyond the average GPS tracker. Take advantage of tools like location sharing and travel history, name popular places your family frequents (like home, school and work), access driving speeds and so much more! With a premium membership, you can unlock exquisite features with 24-hour specialist support.

Enter the Troomi XG03

Enter the Troomi XG03 Smartwatch – your child’s ultimate companion for safety and your peace of mind. This smartwatch seamlessly integrates with GPS, allowing you to track your child’s location in real-time. Whether they misplace it or miss a call, the GPS feature ensures you can locate the smartwatch instantly. As your child grows, the smartwatch becomes a crucial tool for staying informed about their activities, fostering transparency and trust. With school back in session and extracurricular activities in full swing, the Troomi XG03 Smartwatch ensures you stay on top of your child’s schedule. In moments of forgetfulness, the GPS tracking brings their location to the forefront, providing reassurance about their well-being. Whether your child has misplaced their smartwatch or innocently missed your call, the GPS feature comes to the rescue. Easily locate the smartwatch with precision, even if it’s hidden away or on silent mode. As your child enters their teenage years, the smartwatch becomes an invaluable tool for staying informed about their whereabouts, offering you a means to encourage openness and honesty.

Position your child for safety and success with our smartphone’s GPS. To navigate the GPS on your child’s device, access your Parent Portal profile!