Here Are Ways to Help Kids Cope Through Changing Times

Have you ever looked at the news headlines and wanted to get back in bed and pull the covers over your head? It’s a crazy place out there with things always changing! And it doesn’t just affect adults. Has your child ever asked you about an issue they hear about on TV and you haven’t quite known how to answer? Our changing world can be really confusing to kids and knowing how to address it is a challenge for a lot of parents.

There are a lot of emotions wrapped up in change, and it can feel pretty daunting to know “How do you help children cope with change?” Especially when you’re not entirely sure how to work through it yourself. There are a lot of ways to help kids cope through changing times, as well as different coping with change activities that can help.

Let’s start by unpacking the question, “What can you do to protect children and prepare them for a complex and ever changing technological world?” It all starts with understanding the emotions behind change. As humans, our instant reaction to change is typically fear and trepidation. You can help your children by teaching them that change doesn’t always have to be negative and scary, but instead it can be full of learning opportunities. 

When it comes to changes in their world, always take the time to listen to your kids and answer their questions honestly. Technology can give your child access to so much information about what’s going on in the world. You can help your child by ensuring they have access to content that is age appropriate. Troomi can help make sure your kids only have access to content that you’ve approved together. That way, when questions do arise about changes in the world, you can help share that information in a way that can help your child to cope and not be overwhelmed. 

Have you ever asked yourself, “What skills are needed in a changing world?” Teaching your children healthy coping mechanisms can give your child the skills they need to not be afraid of change in their world. As they grow, they’ll experience political, social, physical, and personal changes. It’s a wild ride sometimes! You can help your child embrace change and actually enact the changes they want in the world by helping them develop healthy coping skills. 

The best way for children to develop these skills is by seeing your example as you experience and embrace change. Use opportunities when you are struggling with change to showcase coping with change activities. This can look like taking a walk when you need a break, talking to a trusted friend about something that’s bothering you, expressing gratitude for the things you have, and journaling to better understand your feelings. 

So if you’re still wondering, “How can you help kids change the world?”  The first step as a parent is helping them bravely face and work through change. When your kids don’t fear change and know how to healthily work through obstacles, all the light they have within will start to shine through. And that light is just what the world needs. As kids experience change in their lives, they develop the grit, determination, and courage it takes to change and bless this crazy world we all call home.