Helping Little Hearts Heal: Grief Activities for Kids to Cope with Loss

Kiko Anderson
grief activities for kids

Losing a loved one can be an overwhelming and heartbreaking experience for anyone, especially for children. It’s vital to provide a supportive environment for them to express and cope with their grief effectively. Grief counseling and therapy sessions can help, but incorporating fun and interactive activities into their daily routine can make the journey more manageable. These activities can help children to understand and process their emotions, memories, and feelings related to their loss. In this blog post, we’ll share some grief activities for kids to help them cope with their loss and navigate through tough times.

1. Memory Box

Create a memory box with your child to honor their lost loved one. This box can contain photos, letters, trinkets, and other memorabilia. Encourage your child to decorate the box and express their emotions freely when adding or looking at the items. The memory box can provide a safe space for your child to reflect on their memories and keep the memory of their loved ones alive.

2. Drawing Grief Activities for Kids

Children often have a hard time expressing their emotions through words, but art can help them communicate their feelings. Encourage your child to draw or paint a picture of their loved one or something that reminds them of them. This activity can provide a creative outlet for your child to express their emotions and help them process their grief.

3. Create a Grief Journal

Journaling is a therapeutic activity that can help children express their emotions and feelings. Encourage your child to write about their thoughts and feelings regarding their loss. They can also write letters to their loved one, list things they miss, and detail significant memories that they shared. A grief journal can serve as a tool to look back on when they need comfort or need to communicate their feelings to someone.

4. Release Balloons

Releasing balloons in honor of the lost loved one is a beautiful way to help children say goodbye and let go. Children can write messages on the balloons or attach notes or pictures and release them in their loved one’s memory. This activity can help them feel connected to their loved one while also letting go of their pain.

5. Make a Keepsake

Encourage your child to make a keepsake, such as a bracelet or picture frame, in memory of their loved one. This activity can provide a tangible object that reminds them of their loved one and brings a sense of comfort. It’s an ideal opportunity to sit down together and talk about loved ones through shared memories.


Helping children cope with grief can be a challenging and delicate process, but incorporating interactive activities into their lives can make a significant difference. Encourage your child to express themselves emotionally, artistically, and creatively through these activities, providing a safe outlet for their feelings. Additionally, Troomi Wireless, a safe smartphone for kids, allows parents to have access to all their kids’ texts and control which apps they can or cannot access. With Troomi Wireless, parents can stay connected with their children during difficult times while also ensuring a safe and monitored digital environment.

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