Get Your Game Face On: 6 Minute to Win It Games for Teens

minute to win it games for teens

It can be tough to come up with new and exciting ways to entertain your teens. With so much technology and screens at their fingertips, it’s easy for teens to lose sight of the value of spending some old-fashioned quality time with their friends and family. That’s why we’ve put together a list of six exciting and engaging Minute to Win It games for teens to get them pumped up and having a great time.

1. Cookie Face Race: 

This hilarious game requires contestants to place a cookie on their forehead and try to move it into their mouth using only facial muscles. The first to successfully eat their cookie wins!

2. Junk in the Trunk:

In this game, contestants have a tissue box with ping pong balls inside and strapped to their backside. The objective is to shake, wiggle and dance around until all the balls fall out of the box.

3. Cup Stack:

 This classic Minute to Win It game is a test of speed and dexterity. Contestants use a stack of plastic cups that they must stack and then unstack as quickly as possible, racing to beat their opponents.

4. Elephant March: 

This game is a great test of memory and coordination. Players use their trunks (their arms tucked in shirt sleeves) to pick up and carry peanuts on a spoon from one side of the room to the other, without dropping any peanuts.

5. Sticky Situation:

 Contestants are given a roll of sticky tape and 30 seconds to see how many items they can “stick” to their body, without using their hands. The more items they can get to stick, the higher their score.

6. Movin’ On Up: 

Contestants must move a stack of cups from one table to another, one at a time, using only a chopstick or straw to grasp each cup. The first to successfully complete the stack wins.


These six Minute to Win It games promise an entertaining afternoon of friendly competition and laughter for your teenagers. Whether they’re facing off against siblings, friends, or even parents, these games offer a fantastic opportunity to encourage movement, stepping away from screens and technology, and fostering unforgettable memories. As they engage in these thrilling challenges, you can further enhance their safety with Troomi Wireless. Utilizing advanced GPS tracking, Troomi keeps a watchful eye on their locations, while its screen time management feature ensures a healthy balance of device use. So, dive into these games and let Troomi fortify your peace of mind, creating a well-rounded and secure environment for your teenagers.

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