Fresh Start Family Podcast: What You Need to Know about Kids and Cell Phones

Jennifer Johnson

What would you say is the most important thing for parents to know about phones for their kids? Our CEO Bill Brady was recently a guest on the Fresh Start Family Show podcast where he shared his thoughts on the subject with certified parenting educator Wendy Snyder and her husband Terry.

On the episode “Kids and Phones: What You Need to Know,” Terry, Wendy, and Bill discuss how parents can teach the next generation skills to manage technology, which Wendy says “really is an essential life skill for every human being, because tech is here to stay.”

Bill describes how Troomi offers a gradual model for introducing your child to technology. It allows parents to teach and communicate with their child all along the way. While other phones for kids offer call and text only, Troomi enables parents to gradually add functionality as their child matures, until  eventually they’re ready for a smartphone without limits.

“Technology is a reality, and they are going to have to use technology responsibly as they’re older,” says Bill, “So we said, ‘Hey, we want to protect kids today and prepare them for tomorrow.”So what do parents need to know about kids and phones? Hear more of BIll’s thoughts by listening to the whole episode here.