Why parents prefer Troomi:

What makes Troomi different?

Featuring KidSmart OS™, “different” really isn’t the right word—think “revolutionary.” 

  • No pornography, predators, and bullies
  • No social media or harmful games
  • Graduate kids into more functionality based on needs and maturity
  • Option for safe web browser
  • Access to safe apps for school and creativity
  • Schedule access based on time of day
  • Safe environment to prepare kids for the future

Introducing KidSmart OS™

Imagine a phone that grows with the needs and maturity of your children!

With KidSmart OS™, your kids can graduate seamlessly from one level of responsibility to the next based on their needs and maturity. Start with a device that’s completely locked down with talk and SMS texting only, then easily add device functionality from the Troomi Parent Portal—without having to replace hardware.

No harmful stuff

Maximum security

Add features as you go

Discover Troomi and help your kids discover their limitless potential!

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