Five COVID-Safe Social Activities For Your Child

Reagan Fausett

COVID-19 really put a damper on things, to say the least. And even after a whole year of living with it, most of us are still eager to get back to our social lives. Having been deprived of in-person school and extracurricular activities, our kids are perhaps the most enthusiastic about getting things back to normal. 

If your kids are stuck in a quarantine rut, check out these fun activities for kids during covid.

COVID-Friendly Activities for Your Children

Arts and Crafts Night

As a parent, finding activities during COVID that your kids can do with friends can be difficult, but there are some ways to make it simpler. A virtual arts and crafts night is a great place to start. Your older kids might not be big fans of this one, the littles are sure to love it. Organize a Zoom call with some of your child’s friends and pick a craft to do together. After everyone has made their craft, take turns showing it to the rest of the group! If your creative juices are running low, take a look at these craft tutorials to get you started!

Netflix Watch Party

Are your kids begging you to host a movie night? Well, with Netflix Party, you can keep your family safe and still be the “cool parent.” Netflix Party is an extension that allows multiple people to watch TV shows and movies on Netflix, Disney+, HBO, or Hulu at the same time. A chat feature allows participants to message about what they’re watching, which is way less annoying than people talking during an in-person movie, if we’re being honest. 

Virtual Story Time

Everyone loves story time—especially if there are friends to share it with. If your regular story time is getting a little dull, spice it up by inviting your child’s friends and their parents. You could check out kid-safe apps for reading, or each child can take turns sharing their books with their friends. The kids have fun seeing their friends, and you get a break from reading their favorite book for the hundredth time—it’s a win-win!

Zoom Game Night

Finding safe activities during covid for children and adults can be a hassle. Game nights are fun for any age, and thankfully we have the technology to keep them going. Help your child host a game night for their friends. Though traditional games are harder to play over Zoom, there are plenty of online games that will keep the group entertained for hours. Check out these 20 Zoom games for younger kids or take a look at these kid-safe apps with multiplayer games for your older children.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Organizing activities during covid requires time. Although virtual scavenger hunts take a little more planning, they are a great way for your kids to be active. Get creative with your scavenger hunt! You could write a list of things each participant has to find, and instruct them to take a selfie with it. Whoever finds everything before the time runs out wins! If you need help getting started, check out these 50 virtual scavenger hunt ideas!

Check out Troomi for more tech tips and safe apps for kids that you can use as a family!