Explained: How Does Life360 Work to Ensure Safety

Kiko Anderson
how does Life360 work

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be hard to keep track of everyone’s whereabouts and ensure their safety at all times. This is where Life360 comes in. Life360 is a family locator and safety app that enables families to stay connected and informed about each other’s whereabouts, check-ins, and even driving behavior. But how does Life360 work? In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the features and benefits of Life360, and how it can provide you with peace of mind.  Plus, Life360 is now one of Troomi’s approved KidSmart® Apps!

1. Location Sharing

 One of the key features of Life360 is location sharing. Each family member can share their current location with the rest of the family at any time. This enables parents to keep track of their kids’ whereabouts, without having to constantly call or text them. Life360 also offers real-time location updates, so you can see where your family members are at all times. This feature is particularly useful for families with younger children or teenagers who may be out with friends.

2. Driving Behavior

 Life360 doesn’t just help you keep track of your family’s location, but also their driving behavior. The app can automatically detect when a family member is driving and will give you real-time updates on their speed and location. This feature can be particularly valuable for teens who are just getting started behind the wheel and need some extra coaching or for parents who want to make sure their younger children are being driven safely by a babysitter or nanny.

3. Safe Driving Alerts

 Another important feature of Life360 is safe driving alerts. The app will notify you if a family member is driving above a certain speed limit or if they are involved in a car accident. This can help parents take immediate action if their child is driving recklessly or if they are involved in an accident.

4. Emergency Response

 In case of an emergency, Life360 also offers a panic button feature. This feature allows family members to send an emergency alert to the rest of the family and to Life360’s emergency response center. This can be particularly useful in situations where someone needs immediate help and can’t make a phone call.

5. Geo-fence Notifications

 Finally, Life360 can help you stay informed about your family’s activities and whereabouts when they visit certain areas or leave a specific location. You can set up geo-fences around your home, school, or workplace, and you will receive notifications when your family members enter or leave these areas.


Life360 is a valuable tool for families looking to stay connected and informed about each other’s location and driving behavior. But the safety doesn’t have to stop there, Troomi Wireless is a kid safe phone that now offers Life360 as part of the KidSmart® Apps. Allowing parents to have full control over their children’s mobile experience, ensuring a safe and protected digital environment. With the combination of Life360 and Troomi, parents can easily monitor their children’s whereabouts, receive real-time notifications, and establish healthy boundaries for their kids’ phone usage. Whether it’s ensuring their child arrives safely at school or knowing their location during outdoor activities, the integration of Life360 with Troomi provides a comprehensive solution for family safety and connectivity.

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