Discovering Faith-Based Guidance: Top Christian Books about Parenting

Kiko Anderson
Christian Books About Parenting

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs out there. From the moment your child is born, you’re faced with countless sleepless nights, sacrifices, and seemingly never-ending responsibilities. As a Christian parent, you want to ensure that you’re raising your child in a way that aligns with your faith and values. Thankfully, there are many Christian authors who have written helpful books about parenting from a faith-based perspective. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the top Christian books about parenting that can provide guidance and support to parents who want to raise their children in a Christ-centered environment.

1. “Parenting by Paul David Tripp”

Paul David Tripp’s “Parenting” offers a practical and biblical approach to raising children. He draws from his own experience as a father of four, and walks readers through the challenges and joys of parenting. Tripp emphasizes the importance of forming a strong relationship with your child, disciplining with grace, and raising children who love and serve God.

2. “The 5 Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell”

In this book, Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell focus on how parents can effectively communicate their love to their children. They explain how each child has a different love language, and offer practical advice on how parents can meet their child’s unique emotional needs. This book is a great resource for parents who want to strengthen their relationship with their child and learn how to express love in a way their child will understand.

3. “Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp”

Tedd Tripp’s “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” is a guide for parents seeking to raise children who love God. He addresses topics such as discipline, authority, and the importance of shaping a child’s heart towards a love for Christ. Tripp emphasizes the role of parents as shepherds, responsible for guiding their children towards a life of faith and righteousness.

4. “Powerful Prayers for Your Children by David Kopp”

As a parent, one of the most powerful things you can do for your child is pray for them. In “Powerful Prayers for Your Children,” David Kopp provides a collection of prayers that parents can use to lift up their children to God. The book includes prayers for specific needs such as protection, wisdom, and guidance, as well as prayers for different stages of a child’s life. This book is a helpful resource for parents who want to strengthen their prayer life and intercede for their children.

5. “Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel”

Tim Kimmel’s “Grace Based Parenting” offers a refreshing perspective on parenting. He argues that grace, rather than rules and discipline, should be the foundation of our parenting approach. Kimmel emphasizes the importance of extending unconditional love and grace to our children, which will ultimately lead them to a deeper understanding of God’s love and grace. This book is a helpful resource for parents who want to create a home environment that is centered on grace and love.


Christian parenting can be challenging, but there are resources available to guide and support parents. These five Christian parenting books offer practical advice and a Christ-centered perspective. Additionally, Troomi’s apps, which include the Bible and other faith-based books, help children strengthen their relationship with God, while providing online safety for parents’ peace of mind.

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