Developing Resilience: Growth Mindset Activities for Kids

Kiko Anderson
growth mindset activities for kids

Developing resilience is a vital part of raising healthy and happy kids. Life is full of challenges, and it’s important to teach our children how to handle those challenges in a positive way. One way to do this is to help kids develop a growth mindset. A growth mindset is the belief that we can constantly improve by working hard, trying new things, and learning from our mistakes. In this blog post, we’ll explore some fun and engaging growth mindset activities for kids.

1. “The Power of Yet” Activity

“The Power of Yet” is a simple but effective growth mindset activity for kids that teaches them to think positively about their abilities. Start by putting up a poster that says “I can’t do it YET.” Encourage your child to add to the poster with things they currently struggle with but are working towards. For example, “I can’t tie my shoes yet.” Encourage them to think about how it would feel to accomplish those goals and reinforce the idea that they can achieve them with effort and perseverance.

2. “MY Mistakes” Activity

This activity is all about reframing mistakes as opportunities for growth. Help your child create a “MY Mistakes” chart with three columns: “Mistake,” “What I Learned,” and “What I Will Do Differently Next Time.” Encourage your child to fill in the chart whenever they make a mistake, no matter how small. Reinforce the idea that mistakes are normal and that we can learn from them and do better next time.

3. “Challenge Hunting” Activity

“Challenge Hunting” is a fun way to help your child develop a growth mindset. Encourage them to look for challenges around them – things that are difficult but achievable with effort and persistence. It could be learning a new skill, doing well in school, or making a new friend. Help them come up with a plan to tackle the challenge and brainstorm ways to overcome obstacles along the way.

4. “The Gratitude Game” Activity

Gratitude is an important part of developing a growth mindset. Encourage your child to practice gratitude by playing “The Gratitude Game.” At the end of each day, ask them to name three things they are thankful for. Encourage them to think of specific moments or acts of kindness that they appreciate. With practice, your child will start to develop a habit of looking on the bright side of things.

5. “Embrace the Journey” Activity

“Embrace the Journey” is all about celebrating progress, not just perfection. Help your child create a vision board or a “progress chart” where they can track their progress over time. Encourage them to celebrate small wins along the way and to remember that progress comes in many forms.


Teaching a growth mindset for kids is an invaluable gift that can shape their future. Through consistent effort and practice, your child will establish a growth mindset that will benefit them throughout their lives. So, don’t hesitate to embark on this journey of growth and learning! And to further ensure your child’s well-being and provide you with complete control, consider Troomi Wireless—a safe phone designed for kids, empowering parents with complete control. With Troomi Wireless, you can create a secure digital environment for your child and guide them on their path of growth and development. Embrace the power of a growth mindset alongside the safety and control provided by Troomi Wireless, unlocking your child’s potential for a bright future.

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