Cracking the Case: Mystery Movies for Kids

Paige Geis Bradshaw
Cracking the Case: Mystery Movies for Kids

Being a parent means making tough choices: When to take your child’s phone away, what to do about social media, and an even older debate, how much TV time is too much?

Luckily, you can monitor TV time pretty easily when you make it a family affair. Plus, with some popcorn and pillows, family movie nights make some pretty fond memories!

Need a place to start? While any family-friendly movie will do, mystery movies are especially effective at pulling in an audience. Take a look at these mystery movies for kids—or mystery movies for the whole family!

Mystery Movies for Kids

Whether it’s a dramatic documentary or knee-slappin’ comedy, a family movie night is fun no matter the movie. But once you whip out mystery movies for the whole family, you’ll be keeping your crew on the edge of their seats! Who’ll be the first to crack the case?

Reach for your magnifying glass and investigate these mystery movies for kids:

Get a Clue | G

Lexy, an aspiring journalist and high school gossip columnist, writes a story about some teachers that’s featured in a big-name newspaper. When her story causes an unusual string of events—including the disappearance of one of the teachers—Lexy and her friends investigate the case and unravel the shocking truth.

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The Goonies | PG

Filmed back in 1985—your kids won’t be able to believe it—this beloved classic follows an adventurous bunch of buddies on a mission against a property development company. With plans to demolish their home to make room for a ritzy country club, this clan of kids searches for a way to save their space.

Just their luck, they find an old pirate’s map in the attic! As they look for lost treasure, they embark on an obstacle-jammed journey. Will they find the treasure and save their home?

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The Great Mouse Detective | G

Taking place in London around the turn of the century, this animated film features rodents in starring roles. When Basil—a mouse detective—tries to locate a kidnapped toy maker, he discovers his arch nemesis—Professor Ratigan—is involved. Join Basil on his journey to not only find the missing toy maker, but to bring down Professor Ratigan once and for all!

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The Great Muppet Caper | G

Follow your favorite Muppet friends on a mighty mysterious adventure! Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, and Gonzo—three buddies and budding journalists—report on a jewel heist that happened in Great Britain. The three set out to speak to socialite Lady Holiday, the theft victim who happens to be Miss Piggy’s new boss!

The excitement heads south, however, when Miss Piggy is framed by Lady Holiday’s brother. Will Kermit and the crew be able to clear her name?

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The Haunted Mansion | PG

When successful real estate agent, Jim Evers, spends too much time on the job, he decides it’s about time for a family vacation. On the way, he takes a pit stop at an old mansion he’s agreed to sell. Soon after, a sudden and spooky storm rolls in and traps the family inside.

During their involuntary stay, the Evers family discovers the mansion is haunted—and those who live there need help to break a curse. Will the Evers family have what it takes and make it out alive?

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Holes | PG

Unlucky Stanley Yelnats ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, accused of a crime he didn’t commit. He’s then sent to a desert detention camp where he’s forced to dig deep holes in the heat, day in and day out, in order to “build character.” As he and his fellow delinquents carry on, they start to question the warden’s real reasons for their “rehabilitation.” Will they dig up what’s really going on at Camp Green Lake?

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Monster House | PG

Kids sure say the darndest things! No adults believe these three kids, who claim a whole house is alive—and evil, at that. With Halloween around the corner, this shaky structure hopes to harm whoever lands in its wake. Will these three friends find a way to wrap up this house of horrors before trick-or-treaters stop by?

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Nancy Drew | PG

Meet the wannabe detective: Nancy Drew! When she joins her father on an extended stay in Los Angeles, she dives deep into the unsolved death of a long-gone, glamorous film star. As Nancy starts to uncover secrets that could lead to a crack in the case, obstacles await in every nook and cranny. Will this star ever see justice served?

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National Treasure | PG

Obsessed with finding the treasure his family’s been hunting for generations, Benjamin Franklin Gates is led across the country chasing historic riddles and ancient clues. After an unsavory split from his hunting companion, it’s a race against the clock to uncover the riches—and keep his enemy from damaging the Declaration of Independence.

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Scooby-Doo | PG

It’s been two years since the split of Mystery Incorporated. Even so, each member is individually summoned to Spooky Island—a trendy spot for Spring Break—in an attempt to get the gang together again. Will they reunite to investigate the unusual events occurring around the island?

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