Christmas, Kids Meaning and How to Teach it

christmas kids meaning

With Christmas quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to talk about the true meaning of the holiday. While many kids are excited for the presents and festivities, it’s important to teach them about the deeper meaning of the holiday. This includes showing them the importance of traditions, the joy of giving, and celebrating the miracle of the birth of Jesus Christ. In this blog, we’ll explore why it’s important to teach the Christmas kids meaning, and how you can do so in a fun and engaging way.

The Meaning Behind Christmas

First, let’s explore what Christmas really means. Most kids can easily tell you that it’s a time for presents, Santa Claus, and lots of yummy food. However, it’s important to teach them about the true meaning behind the holiday: celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. This includes talking about the symbolism of the nativity scene, and explaining the story of how Jesus came into the world. This can be done through simple retellings of the nativity story, or through crafts like making a manger or creating an angel.

The Importance of Traditions

Traditions are a key component of Christmas, and they help to reinforce the meaning of the holiday. Whether it’s baking cookies, decorating the tree, or attending a Christmas Eve service, traditions give kids a sense of stability and create memories that will last a lifetime. It’s important to explain to kids why these traditions are important, and what they symbolize. For example, baking cookies can be a way to spread joy and show love to others.

The Joy of Giving

Another important aspect of Christmas is the joy of giving to others. This can be in the form of gifts, but it can also be through acts of kindness and service. Encourage your kids to think about how they can give back to others this holiday season. This could be by volunteering at a local shelter, making a handmade gift for a friend, or donating toys to a charity. By instilling in kids the joy of giving, you’ll help create a sense of empathy and kindness that will last a lifetime.

How to Teach Kids About Christmas

There are a variety of ways to teach kids about the meaning of Christmas. Here are a few ideas:

Read books or watch movies that tell the story of the nativity.

Create a nativity scene and explain each part to your child.

Choose a traditional Christmas recipe to make together and discuss the history behind it.

Attend a Christmas Eve service as a family and talk about what you learned.

Encourage your child to give a handmade or thoughtful gift to someone they love.


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