Choosing the Right Phone for Your Child

Jennifer Johnson

With different options for kid-safe phones available in the market, how do you know which one is right for your child? Brad Anderson addressed these questions recently on and pointed out some of the amazing benefits of a phone like Troomi (can you say flexibility and awesome capability?) that is designed specifically for kids.

Troomi has the option to use our KidSmart operating system with safe, vetted apps that will help kids learn and develop talents. Everything is managed through the Parent Portal, where parents can add apps or functionality and see all the phone’s activity. 

Anderson writes, “There’s no question that Troomi phones can fully block adult content in a way that even the most determined kids will not be able to find a way around, but what if there’s a KidSmart App that you don’t want your child having access to? You would be able to block any downloads of this app remotely.” Only parents can add apps to their children’s Troomi phones.

Anderson also shares how the Parent Portal allows parents to create schedules for screen time and individual apps, so no kids won’t get too caught up in their phone or in one app in general. 

With trusted Samsung devices phone number safelisting (which means no spam calls!) and the capability to add functionality through the Parent Portal as your child matures, Troomi is the only phone that can grow with your child. And that means a longer time before you need to buy your child a new phone! Troomi introduces kids to smartphones gradually, one step at a time, so they’ll be ready when it’s time for them to have a traditional smartphone. 

Troomi phone offers a productive, relationship-strengthening experience for kids to develop safe tech habits for life. Read all of Anderson’s thoughts here.