Building Fire-Smart Kids: Top Fire Safety Tips Every Child Should Know

Kiko Anderson
fire safety tips for kids

Ensuring the safety of your child at home goes beyond keeping them from running with scissors or climbing too high. One of the most significant risks for children at home is fire. However, with the right information and tools, you can equip your children with the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe in case of a fire emergency. This blog post will provide you with top fire safety tips for kids so they can become fire-smart.

1. Make an escape plan

The best safety tip is having an escape plan is critical in case there’s a fire in your home. Sit down with your kids and draw a map of your house. Identify all the possible exits and practice the escape plan until each child knows how to get out. Emphasize that each child should not go back into the house once they’ve evacuated. If you have a multi-story home, consider purchasing an escape ladder that can be used in case of a fire.

2. Teach them about smoke detectors

Smoke detectors are life-saving devices that must be installed on every floor of your home. Teach your children how smoke detectors work and how they can prevent fires. Emphasize that if your child hears a smoke detector- whether it’s at home or somewhere else- they should react immediately by evacuating the building. Before initiating fire emergency drills, ensure your smoke detectors are working correctly by testing them with your children.

3. Show them how to use a fire extinguisher

Fires can break out even when the utmost care has been taken. Teach your kids how to use fire extinguishers so that they can effectively extinguish fires. Go through the basic components of fire extinguishers, including how to put out fires. Make them understand that fire extinguishers should only be used in case of small fires. Supervise your child when handling extinguishers to ensure they do it correctly.

4. Teach them the stop, drop, and roll technique

Familiarize your children with the stop, drop, and roll technique. If a child’s clothes catch fire, they should stop and drop to the ground while covering their face with their hands. They should then roll back and forth until the flames are out.

5. Stay low to the ground during a fire

Encourage your children to practice staying low to the ground during a fire evacuation. The lower the child gets to the ground, the more oxygen they’ll be able to breathe. Educate children that in case of heavy smoke, they should crawl on their hands and knees to escape because smoke rises.


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