Bringing Hogwarts Home: Engaging Harry Potter Activities for Kids

Kiko Anderson
harry potter activities for kids

If your child has fallen in love with the magical world of Harry Potter, chances are they are always looking for ways to escape into the wizarding world. Why not bring Hogwarts home for them? Engaging in Harry Potter activities is the perfect way to keep their love for the series alive and keep them entertained for hours. Here are some fantastic ideas for Harry Potter activities for kids of all ages, so grab your wands and let’s get started!

1. Create Your Own Wand 

The wand chooses the wizard, and what better way to channel your inner wizard than to make your own wand? Gather some materials like popsicle sticks, paint, hot-glue, and start crafting your own wand. You can be as creative as you want, with each stick telling a unique story. Afterward, you can dedicate time to practice spells, bring out your imagination, and let the magic happen.

2. Harry Potter Book Club 

Reuniting with friends and family and forging new connections is essential, particularly during these times. Starting a virtual or in-person Harry Potter book club is an excellent way to connect with others, whether you’re new to the series or a long-time fan. Pick a Harry Potter book, have everyone read it, and then come together as a group to discuss it. You can enjoy discussing common themes, magical elements, and even host costume parties and Harry Potter trivia games together.

3. Movie Marathon 

Another fantastic way to bring Hogwarts home is by rewatching all of the Harry Potter movies. The movies are a great way to get your kids excited and re-acquainted with the story. Watching all eight movies of the series will take time, so make it fun by doing things like making themed snacks, like butterscotch beer, and having a family movie marathon.

4. Make a Wizarding World Escape Room 

If you’re looking for a great indoor activity, hosting a Harry Potter escape room could be just the activity you need. To organize your escape room, pick which plotline in the Harry Potter series you want to follow and set up challenges and riddles to complete based on the story. You can also make it interactive by providing costumes and props to help your children get into character.

5. Craft Your Hogwarts Acceptance Letter 

All aspiring witches and wizards dream of receiving their Hogwarts acceptance letter. Why not craft a personalized letter complete with wax seals and Hogwarts stationery? It would be the perfect way to welcome your child to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Add an invitation to a Hogwarts-themed party, come up with a creative package, and deliver by owl post for maximum effect.


Immerse your children in the enchanting world with these captivating Harry Potter activities that ignite their creativity, nurture their imagination, and offer endless hours of entertainment. Whether they’re avid fans or new to the series, these activities bring the magic of Hogwarts into your home. And to further enhance their reading experience, consider empowering them with Troomi Wireless—a reliable and parent-controlled kids’ safe phone. With Troomi Wireless, your children can access reading apps like Audible, allowing them to listen to the mesmerizing Harry Potter books wherever they go. Harry Potter activities for kids help unleash their imagination and provide them with the joy of a portable literary adventure through Troomi Wireless. Let the wizarding world come to life in their minds as they embark on exciting journeys beyond the pages!

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