Best Educational Sites for Kids

During the past year, we as parents have had to learn new skills right along with our kids. While some have been homeschooling for years, a large number of us dipped our toes into the vast ocean of online education for the first time. One of the first things I learned?

There are thousands of educational sites for kids.

Deep breath. 

We can do this.

How to Find the Best Educational Sites for Kids

Educational sites for kids come in many shapes and sizes. Finding the best educational sites for kids is key for making the process of online education as seamless as possible. Some sites are mainly educational articles with a few videos, while others are educational game sites for kids. Check out (Link to Cell Phone & Internet Safety Rules for Kids) for more information on making sure a site is safe.

But is the site educational?

The best way to know if an educational site for kids is actually legit is to get your fingers in the mud and visit the site for yourself. Go to the site to read an article, watch a video, and play a game. Play two games. Many sites claim to be educational game sites for kids while they are actually just a variety pack of non-educational games. Better to know in advance what you are getting your child into.

A Few Educational Sites for Kids We Found

To get you started, here are my top educational sites for kids, and yes, I did personally visit all the sites. And read all the articles on turtles I could find.


Wonderopolis is a great place to start if your kids are curious about very general information. The site has educational articles on loads of subjects. Kids can submit questions or look at the answers to one of the hundreds of questions already asked. The articles even have a reader in case your child is too young to read for themselves. Be warned, some of the subject matter is complex, even for an adult. They have a few sister sites with more interactive fun, but they require signing in with a free account.


OxfordOwl provides lesson plans, print outs, and educational videos all geared toward teaching kids at school or at home. This educational site for kids was created by Oxford university, for ages 3-11. In addition to lessons, they also have a free eBook library, coloring pages, and educational games. A personal favorite of mine is the Storyteller videos, which tell stories or read books aloud in short five to ten minute clips.


Arcademics is a math-based game site for kids. Designed for classrooms and multiplayer, it also can be played solo, although it can be fun to play with your kid to compete in times or scores (let’s pretend the all time high score is mine). The games improve mental math times and make learning addictively fun. They also have app versions for iPad and Android tablets. It’s free to play and intended for kids in grades K through 8.

E-Learning for Kids

E-learning for Kids is a free math and science learning site. With the ability to access online, as well as offline, their curriculum based classes are integrated with educational games and quizzes. For grades K-6, science and math are made more accessible. Be warned, there is no way to stop the jaunty music. I’ve tried.

Nasa Kids’ Club

NASA Kids’ Club is a space and science site created by NASA for kids from grades k-4. They have print out activities, educational videos, and even educational games. The NASA main site is connected with fun articles and videos for the whole family. Learning about space is both free and easy.

Young Ocean Explorers

Young Ocean Explorers focuses on the biology and science of our oceans and waterways. They have live, virtual events and challenges that put you hands-on with the environment even at home. They have articles, quizzes, and videos all available for free.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is an online extension of the magazine with kid centered activities, videos, and games all free of cost. While the site is mainly centered on animal science, it also includes information on topics like history, space, and the US states. While their site is accessible through desktop, it can also be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.

Brain POP 

Brain POP has paced lesson plans and guides for grades k-8. Well researched/developed lessons, educational games of a variety of topics (newspaper management, addition, bird anatomy, antibiotic resistance). While most of their topics need a paid account to access, their antiracist material is free, which is incredibly helpful during current events. They are also advocates for social learning.

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