Become the Favorite Family Member: Thanksgiving Gifts for Kids 

thanksgiving gifts for kids

As Thanksgiving fast approaches, we shift our focus to the things we are thankful for – family, friends, love, and togetherness. It is, therefore, a perfect opportunity to show our kids how grateful we are to have them in our lives, by giving them memorable gifts. As parents, we are always looking for unique and age-appropriate gifts to give our children. In this blog post, we will share some Thanksgiving gift ideas that will delight your kids and make the holiday special.

Playful Thanksgiving-themed Clothing

Let’s start with some cute clothing ideas. A playful t-shirt or onesie with images of turkeys, pumpkin pies, or pilgrims will make your child stand out. These clothes are not only adorable but also a perfect opportunity to take family photos. You can also buy matching outfits for the whole family for a coordinated look.

Thanksgiving Books and Coloring Books

Books make for excellent Thanksgiving gifts for kids. Choose age-appropriate books that provide facts about the holiday, its history, and traditions. Coloring books with thanksgiving themes are also a great idea. Kids love coloring, and it’s a fun activity they can do on the holiday.

Thoughtful Thanksgiving Plush Toys

A cute plush turkey or corn cob can be a fun and thoughtful gift for kids. They can cuddle with these toys while listening to your stories about the meaning of Thanksgiving. You can even get them personalized with their names or initials.

Fun Thanksgiving Crafts

Kids love to be creative, and Thanksgiving crafts provide the perfect opportunity for them to express themselves. You can buy DIY kits that include materials for making turkey hats, wreaths, and other interesting crafts. These crafts will not only keep them busy but also contribute to the holiday decor.

Delicious Thanksgiving Treats

You can share your love for food with your child by gifting them Thanksgiving treats. You can make some yummy baked goods, such as pumpkin spice cookies or peanut butter fudge. You can also buy seasonal candy, such as Reese’s Pieces Turkeys or Hershey’s Kisses with autumn stripes. Kids will enjoy indulging in these treats while creating beautiful memories.


Thanksgiving is a time for family, fellowship, and gratitude, and what better way to express your love and appreciation for your kids than through thoughtful gifts. Whether it’s playful clothing or cherished plush toys, there’s an array of Thanksgiving gift options to suit your child’s preferences and age. However, a truly perfect gift this Thanksgiving could be Troomi Wireless, ensuring that children enjoy the holiday without distractions from their cell phones. With Troomi, parents can set screen time limits and block access to distracting or harmful content, allowing for uninterrupted quality family time. So, choose the ideal present for your child, and don’t forget to savor the holiday while creating cherished memories with your loved ones
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