Beat the Boredom: Top Summer Toys for Kids to Keep Them Excited and Active

Kiko Anderson
summer toys for kids

The summertime is a great time for kids to play and explore the outdoors. However, you may find yourself struggling to keep your kids entertained and active, especially as the days get hotter and the air gets more still. Luckily, there are plenty of summer toys that you can get your kids to help them beat the boredom and stay active despite the heat. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some of the best summer toys for kids that are sure to keep them excited and engaged!

1. Water Guns and Sprinklers

Water toys are an excellent way to keep them cool and active on hot summer days. These are the perfect toys to keep them engaged and entertained while still encouraging them to be active. Plus, they’re affordable and easy to set up. All you need is a garden hose and some energy to run around with your kids!

2. Bubble Wands

Bubbles are a fun summer toy that kids of all ages will love. Not only are they great for encouraging your kids to be active, but they also provide an opportunity for them to exercise their creativity and imagination. With bubble wands of different shapes and sizes, your kids can explore different ways of making bubbles and experiment with different designs.

3. Scooters

A scooter is a great toy that will allow your kids to exercise while still having fun. They’re easy to use, and your kids can use them to go on short rides by themselves or with their friends. Plus, they’re lightweight and portable, so your kids can bring them wherever they go.

4. Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are another excellent toy for keeping your kids active and healthy during the summer months. Not only do they improve coordination and balance, but they also help build cardiovascular fitness, which is essential for overall health. They’re also very affordable and easy to store, making them a great investment for seasons to come.

5. Frisbees

Frisbees are a classic summer toy that has been providing hours of fun for generations. They’re an excellent way to get your kids up and moving while also providing an opportunity for them to develop their coordination and hand-eye skills. Another added plus is that, they’re easy to carry around and can be taken to the beach, the park, or any other outdoor space.


As the summer season arrives, parents face the challenge of keeping their kids entertained and active during the long, sunny days. Thankfully, a wide array of summer toys for kids are available to combat boredom and promote physical activity. From water toys to Frisbees, there are numerous options that inspire kids to stay active while having fun. Let your children create lasting memories and enjoy a vibrant summer by choosing these top summer toys. And if you’re seeking an additional layer of safety and control, consider Troomi Wireless—an innovative kid-safe phone that enables parents to maintain secure parental control. With Troomi Wireless, you can effortlessly monitor online activities, establish a safe communication network, and ensuring your children’s well-being while they indulge in the joys of summer play.

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